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Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench: Full Review

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If you are in the market for a new gym bench, or your first gym bench, Fitness Gear’s Pro Utility Bench is probably one of the first products you came across.

Fitness Gear makes a range of home workout gear, all of which sit at a relatively affordable price.

But are their products worth buying and, more importantly, is the Pro Utility Bench a good investment for your home gym?

In this review, we test out the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench and give our honest opinion on what we think of it, broken down into its size, portability, sturdiness, functionality, and price.

If these are some of the things that you are concerned about before buying this gym bench, make sure to read on.

Gym Bench Exercises

First of all, what can you do with a gym bench?

You might be thinking about buying a gym bench but are not sure about all the exercises you can do with it. On the other hand, you might be wondering what to look for when buying a gym bench.

Either way, we offer a quick explanation here.

An exercise bench, or weight bench, is a versatile piece of gym and home workout equipment that is essential for exercises such as the bench press.

They are also designed to be beneficial for performing dumbbell rows, curls, Bulgarian split squats, and various core/ab exercises.

Weight benches should be robust yet comfortable, and ideally adjustable. Gym benches that adjust can open up a host of additional exercises, including incline chest presses, incline bicep curls, and decline crunches.

Ultimately, the stronger and more adjustable the gym bench is, the more you are going to get out of it and the longer it is going to last.

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench Review

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Weight Bench

Down below, we review Fitness Gear’s Pro Utility Bench Press, splitting our review up into size, portability, sturdiness, ease of use, and, finally, the price.

These are some of the most important factors to consider before buying any gym bench. Gym benches are not expensive, but they are not exactly cheap, either.

So, by the end of our review, you will have a good idea of whether it is worth buying the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench. To help you out, we also run through the pros and cons at the end of the review.


Fitness Gear’s Pro Utility Bench measures at 54 inches long, 22 inches wide, and 18 inches tall. By gym standards, it’s a good-sized weight bench that’s going to accommodate people of any height who want to perform a range of exercises lying down.

With that said, you will need space to place the gym bench. It does not fold or flatten into a smaller shape like other weight benches, which can be stored under a bed or placed up against a wall.


If you are looking for a gym bench that can be carried or transported as it is, the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is not the best option.

It’s clear the purpose of this weight bench was to be a heavy-duty bench to stay in one place.

Despite that, this bench can be dismantled/disassembled into its core components, which is not difficult to do.

As for moving around your room or to other rooms, the weight bench features a handle on the front that makes pulling the weight bench a lot easier.

Build Quality

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is a solid unit, well-made and durable. It weighs just under 50lb, and is made from heavy-duty steel.

It can also support a maximum weight (user and weights together) of 600lb.

Performing dumbbell chest presses, lying leg raises, and even dragon flags felt comfortable on this weight bench.

It did not rock or wobble, which goes to show the durability that this weight bench was designed for. The padded cushioning, however, does feel slightly cheap.

Ease Of Use

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench has adjustments on both sides of the gym bench, offering great versatility when it comes to mixing up exercise variations.

Most gym benches adjust at only one side, which gives this bench a bonus.

Adjusting the weight bench is simple, and it locks in place with ease. In addition, the Pro Utility Bench remains sturdy no matter the height setting, so you can feel confident adjusting this weight bench for whatever purpose.


For what it offers, Fitness Gear’s Pro Utility Bench comes with a price tag that is going to be affordable for most. First-time buyers or people on a budget might think twice, but it’s worth considering due to the versatility, and therefore longevity, that this gym bench will deliver.

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench Exercises

Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench

We tested the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench with a range of different exercises, using light and heavy weights.

And if you are wondering which exercises we performed, we have listed the exercises we tested on the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench down below.

For bench presses, we tested the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench doing both dumbbell chest presses and barbell bench presses, and it held up on heavy weights, both flat and incline.

The weight bench is also ideal for dumbbell flys due to its narrow width. 

For dumbbell rows and tricep kickbacks, the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench was not very comfortable on the knees, however (as stated above), as the padding was not as thick as we’d have liked it to be.

Despite that, for lying leg raises, lying sit-ups, etc., the padding of the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench proves a lot more comfortable when bodyweight is spread out.

As for bicep curls, the bench is comfortable to sit on and is designed to an ideal height for most people of different heights when seated.

Throughout all exercises, the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench did not wobble or shake, which is a huge perk.

The base of the unit is made from heavy-duty steel, so it stays in place and does not feel unsteady in both seated and lying positions of any angle.

Pros And Cons

With our full review out of the way, let’s finally run through the pros and cons of the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench.


  • affordable – the cost of this weight bench is affordable for most people
  • sturdy – feels solid due to being built from heavy-duty steel
  • fully adjustable – the gym bench is adjustable at both ends, allowing for a full range of versatile exercises
  • perfect size – at 54 inches long, this gym bench is a good size for most people, as well as any exercise you can do on a bench


  • poor quality cushioning – the padding is comfortable but, unfortunately, does not feel like it will last
  • not easily transported – despite having a handle on the unit, expect difficulty in transporting it to another location without dismantling 
  • no decline – nitpicking, but this bench does not offer a decline setting for decline bench presses, etc.
  • no feet attachment – no feet attachment for keeping the feet in place for sit-ups or crunches

Alternative Benches To Consider

While the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is a great weight bench in terms of sturdiness, build quality, and functionality, you might want to consider other weight bench options. 

For one, the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is not the most portable weight bench, and neither does it fold up into a compact unit that can be stored away or placed upright against a wall.

This bench was designed to be a heavy-duty product and it shows in its design and feel.

For the same reason, the Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is not easily transported unless it is in its disassembled form. It’s not hard to disassemble, but that can be a disadvantage for some people.

Another reason you might want to consider a different weight bench is the material of the cushioning. It does not feel well-made, and therefore might not last in the long run.

After a few months’ use, you might find that the padding has sunk or deflated when compared to its original state.

Final Verdict

The Fitness Gear Pro Utility Bench is ideal for both first-time bench buyers and home workout enthusiasts with its affordable price tag and versatility.

The bench is fully adjustable, sturdy, and a great size for performing any bench exercise, no matter your height or weight.

The only downsides to this weight bench are the poor quality cushioning and the weight of the unit itself.

While this shows its durability, it can be a problem if you are looking for a gym bench that can be transported to another location without dismantling. 

Overall, Fitness Gear’s Pro Utility Bench is a great midrange home workout bench that is unlikely to disappoint, offering all the necessary features for a price that won’t bust your budget.

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