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heydayDo author Greg Simon

Hi there, my name’s Greg Simon and heydayDo is my website dedicated to embracing the physically active lifestyle as we age. 

I write about the fitness and health research I’ve found concerning the quality of life benefits that exercise and good nutrition provide. 

I also report on my own investigations of home gym equipment & fitness supplements.

I have been fitness training for almost 40 years, and now here I am over 60 (all of a sudden it seems). 

On heydayDo I aim to share some of that experiential wisdom as well.


Greg at San O again

What inspired this website

heydayDo was borne from my nearly 40-year appreciation for and involvement in resistance training, nutrition awareness, & the physically active lifestyle.

I’m convinced that this lifestyle choice has benefitted me in many ways for decades now.

For the most part I’ve been able to maintain a strong & healthy level of fitness throughout the years, despite being saddled with congenital heart disease my entire life.

(I’ve had multiple open heart surgeries and intervention procedures since I was born, thanks to my heart’s abnormal hardware.)

Staying fit has kept me alive & kickin’

I’m certain that my commitment to fitness & nutrition is the reason I’ve been healthy enough to have had so much physical activity fun over the years.

And I’m equally sure that that is the only earthly reason I’m still alive, period.

And now 61, I am still active. 

I Surf

I go surfing every chance I get.

I’ve gone surfing somewhere between 4,000 & 5,000 times in my life, and I’ve probably ridden around 50,000 waves. 

I am still totally stoked to get wet, so I’m going to keep paddling out as long as I can…

I hike

I trek a ton of miles per year with my Rotties on the mountainside where I live.

heydayDo pic - Southeast backyard view jul2019
The Wild Wild West out my back door, circa 21st century
me & the Kidz summer2019- greg simon

I farm

I grow hundreds of pounds of organic vegetables & fruit each year, and maintain a wine vineyard – working my land by hand.

South vineyard Jul2019
Fall Crop 2019 - started Jul2019
Seedlings that'll become the Fall crop

There’s no way I could accomplish any of those things without staying true to that 3-part principle of mine – good nutrition, strength training, & maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

Sharing is caring

So after my latest heart-related debacle…

(which included a year of being bed-ridden, 6 hospitalizations, & eventually another invasive heart surgery)

…I decided to write about my passion for the healthy lifestyle I loved. 

And had sort of lost. 

The year prior I could eat healthy but I couldn’t move without gasping for air.

And since being active has always been a big part of who I am, that was difficult to deal with. 

To pass the time following the heart operation, I started a journal to document my recovery from the surgery. 

I wrote about my very slow-but-steady return to physical activity, my diet, and certain goals I wanted to achieve if I could bounce back & get healthy.

This in turn led to me wanting to share my experience, knowledge, & passion for the physically active lifestyle with anyone who might be interested.

And that’s how heydayDo was born.

Current fitness plan: Weights & HIIT

In terms of structured exercise, my current program consists of resistance training, dynamic & static stretching, and a teeny bit of cardio.

I do my strength training primarily using my pairs of ancient dumbbells that run from 1 lb. through 70 lb.

I also use resistance bands for drop-set finishing exercises and dynamic warmup exercises like face pulls & the like.

And I do a few bodyweight strength training exercises too, like pull ups, push ups, and planks.

heydayDo author Greg Simon at 60 (Jan 2020) original
The 61 year-old version of me

After a few months post-surgery (2019-2020), I finally got my oxygen efficiency back up to a point where I could push my cardio exercise a wee bit.

And since I’m a big believer in the effectiveness & benefits of high intensity interval training…

…I started to HIIT it, just a little.

heydayDo author Greg Simon performing high intensity training on A Xiser Mini Stairmaster
Low impact cardio is easy on old joints 🙂

Low impact HIIT workouts are great for my older body

I have a herniated disk in my lower back.

The spinal fluid leak is pinching the nerve down there, so any high-impact cardio like running is out.

Instead, I get my “on land” cardio doing high intensity training on the hydraulic stepper you see above.

I’ve been able to boost my VO2 max doing a low-impact activity without any back pain issues.

heydayDo author Greg Simon HIIT training in swim spa

And I also started using HIIT-style workouts in the water with my surf prep training; it provides great cardio with no impact too.

Thanks for stopping by…