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heydayDo author Greg Simon

Hi I’m Greg Simon. 

Fitness training & nutrition researching since 1982. Surfer. Organic food & wine grower. Congenital heart disease survivor (so far).

This heydayDo website is about embracing the physically active lifestyle as we age, and I’m now over 60.  “Look at him go!” (Or try to, haha).


I write about the fitness and health research I’ve found concerning the quality of life benefits that exercise and good nutrition provide. 

When I get curious about something, I’ll dig into whatever sports science & medical facts there are on the topic to learn what’s real & what’s hype.

I also post my experiences product-testing & evaluating home gym equipment & fitness supplements.


I’ve had multiple open heart surgeries and lots of related hospitalizations & procedures since I was born. 

Every day of our lives has its own set of challenges, doesn’t it?  


I’m certain the only earthly reason I’m still here is due to my decades-long commitment & passion (is that love?) for fitness & good nutrition, and here on heydayDo I share a little of that good energy & enthusiasm. 

heydayDo author Greg Simon at 60 (Jan 2020) original
The 62 year-old version of me (2021)

What "Active After 60" is like for me...

Greg at San O again

I surf...

…every chance I get.

I’ve gone surfing somewhere between 4,000 & 5,000 times in my life, and I’ve probably ridden around 50,000 waves. 

I am still totally stoked to get wet, so I’m going to keep paddling out as long as I can.

I hike

I trek a ton of miles per year with my Rotties on the mountainside where I live.

heydayDo pic - Southeast backyard view jul2019
The Wild Wild West out my back door, circa 21st century
me & the Kidz summer2019- greg simon

I farm

I grow hundreds of pounds of organic vegetables & fruit each year, and maintain a wine vineyard – working my land by hand.

Fall Crop 2019 - started Jul2019
Seedlings that'll become the Fall crop
South vineyard Jul2019
Rows of wine grapes...

There’s no way I could accomplish any of those things without staying true to that 3-part principle of mine – good nutrition, strength training, & maintaining a physically active lifestyle.

No freebies accepted...

Oh, and by the way — I don’t get free stuff from any of the companies whose products I review here on heydayDo.

 Amazon & a few other advertisers pay me pennies (1¢ – 5¢) on the dollar out of their own deep pockets if you click on their product link & buy something.

And I use that money to keep this heydayDo website up & running…

…and feed him.

heydayDo's Rottweiler CEO sitting next to 3 vegan protein powders without artificial sweeteners - heydayDo image

Thanks for stopping by, & best of luck with your health & fitness goals!