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heydayDo.com is an information-sharing personal opinion blog, and does not provide medical advice.

The content on this website does not constitute a medical consultation or fitness evaluation, as the content on heydayDo is for entertainment & general education purposes.

Any material presented on this website is intended as an informational resource and is not intended as a substitute for proper medical guidance.

Please consult your physician or other qualified healthcare professional for that.


I write about my own research and about the research of others involved in strength training, sport science, medicine, & nutrition.

I also share stuff I find that’s relevant to whatever topic I feel like covering.

Since this website is the personal opinion blog of one person (me), there could be errors, omissions, & the like.

I write about my own experiences and offer no shortage of personal viewpoints.

Knowing me, there’ll be bias & ignorance found in those in all likelihood.



I wish you well on your fitness journey!


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