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7 Best Mini Stepper Machines For Home Use in 2022

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I product tested several portable steppers and under desk elliptical machines, and for this review article we’ll take a detailed look at seven of them.

Steppers offer a convenient and space-saving way to get a very good cardio workout plan going in your own home.


Best Mini Stepper Machines of 2022

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster        4.5 400+ reviews online

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical                4.6⭐  1,800+ reviews

Sunny Folding Stepper 1115                      4.5⭐  1,300+ reviews

Sunny Twist Stepper 059                           4.33,500+ reviews

Sunny Twister Stepper 045                       4.4⭐ 3,700+ reviews

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical                  4.2⭐    500+ reviews

Stamina In-Motion E1000 Strider           4.2⭐ 6,500+ reviews



Buyer ratings & comments

What does an owner have to say about their mini-stepper? To read more owner comments, click on the pics or their names.


Best Stepper

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

“I’ve enjoyed three plus years of HEAVY use with the Xiser AND want to offer my testimonial as to the EXCELLENT warranty and service that goes along with it.” – RS 


Best Mini-Elliptical

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

“Quiet enough to use in the office, even on conference calls.” – NJ


Best Cheap Stepper Machines with Handles

Sunny Step Machine SF-1115

“I recommend this product for busy people with limited workout space and time. I normally use it for 35min daily. I’ve had this unit for over two years.” – CG 


Sunny NO. 059 Twist Stepper

“I have had it for a year and half…. LOVE IT takes up little space, inexpensive and can put in corner..” – CWR 



Best Cheap Mini Stepper

Sunny Twister Stepper NO. 045

“For the price and for how compact it is, this is one of the best purchases I’ve made in years.” – SE



Other mini-elliptical machines

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

“Even with issues, I would definitely buy this unit again and am giving the company thumbs up.” – AK


Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider

“I did burn through my first one in about a year and a half. For the price though, I don’t mind replacing it.” – AG

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Science resources included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science & medical resources, clinical studies, and nutritional data used in this article.


Medical Science Says Sitting Is Bad

Sitting is the new Smoking - Best Step Machine - heydayDo image

“Sitting is the new smoking” is a popular meme that’s been bandied about in the media for at least a decade or so. Sounds a little over-simplified and over-exaggerated to me, though perhaps its tone is consistent with our current cultural state.

However, several medical research studies have determined that sitting for extended periods of time without any exercise can lead to a dark army of health problems coming after you.

These include:

  • excess body fat or obesity
  • high cholesterol
  • high blood pressure
  • and a higher risk of dying from cancer or heart disease.


Enter portable exercise equipment to the rescue, some of which you (ironically enough) can use while sitting. 😉

And in this article’s case, that’s a mini elliptical that can fit under your desk or a portable stepper that you can use in your home anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Before getting into the product reviews, I just want to touch upon the importance of having a physically active lifestyle.

Mayo Clinic writes

“Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic exercise is good for you. See why — then prepare yourself to get moving.”


When you get yourself moving and all your large muscle groups are active, your body will kickstart your oxygen uptake and blood flow.

This is good for you physically & mentally.

Increased blood flow sends oxygen & nutrients to your muscles and bones improving your strength & energy.

It also causes your brain to secrete hormones like endorphins which can improve your mental state and reduce your pain perception.

Here’s a brief list of some of the proven benefits of aerobic exercise. It can help you to:

  • live longer
  • fight off illness & viruses
  • have a stronger, healthier heart
  • reduce symptoms from chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure
  • be in a better mood, filled with a greater sense of well-being
  • lose weight
  • get stronger
  • look better & feel better

That’s some good stuff, right? Real good reasons to “get moving”, as the Mayo article encourages.



Stepper Reviews

Online Review orange - heydayDo icon

Best Stepper Machine Overall

Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster

Review Summary

This is a very easy product for me to recommend. 

I bought one a couple of years ago, use it a lot, and it works like a champ.

The Xiser Commercial Mini Stairmaster is built to last, has the best warranty of any mini-stepper ever made, and is backed by its company 110%.

It’s ideal for those of you who want to do HIIT/burst/sprint training or perform low-impact cardio at any intensity level you can bring. 


Detailed product review

I think this is the best-built portable stepper by a mile around.

Has the longest warranty, can support the heaviest user weight, is ideal for HIIT, and can handle any cardio workout plan of yours.

And Xiser’s Mini Stairmaster is lightweight – it even weighs less than many of the cheapo models – so it can easily go anywhere with you.


Around two dozen American professional football, basketball, hockey & soccer teams use the Xiser for non-impact endurance & injury rehab training, and add on a dozen or so NCAA Division I sports programs and the US Navy Seals too.


It’s the most expensive portable stepper, but it costs a fraction of what traditional stair climbers like the StairMaster™ run.

And it will last as long or longer than they will, nearly maintenance-free.

All this awards the Xiser Mini Stairmaster the blue ribbon for best stepper machine.


My Xiser Xperience

I bought my Xiser to help me rehab from my latest heart surgery, and I’ve been doing my HIIT routine on it 3-4 days per week ever since.

As I said earlier, it’s performed flawlessly.

The only maintenance I’ve done on it is to spray 2-3 seconds’ worth of silicone lubricant on its hydraulic pistons every few months.

What did The Monkees sing? Oh yeah – “I’m a Believer”

Greg & his Xiser


What I like

+ They last for years

There are multiple owners who have gotten upwards of 5, 6, 8 and even 10+ years of consistent use from these mini stair-masters.

+ Solid but light weight 

Built like a mini-tank, the Xiser is very sturdy for heavy-duty use. But it’s also very light at only 14 lb. because it’s made from aircraft aluminum.

+ High-quality welding

No cheap factory welding trying to keep the metal pieces together – the Xiser is cast alloy.

+ It’s Portable 

It’s light enough & small enough to easily fit in a carry-on sized piece of luggage, with room left for clothes too.

+ Easy to assemble

Assembly & disassembly is easy & quick if you want to travel with it.

+ Quiet

It’s quiet enough to use in an office work environment.

+ American made

Built in the USA, both parts & labor.

+ Solid company

Xiser’s been making these for over 40 years.

+ Great warranty

5-year warranty (best among all portable cardio equipment).

+ Best weight capacity

Highest weight capacity (400 lb.) of any portable stepper.

+ Great company support

Excellent customer service & technical support should you need it.

+ Shipping free

On Amazon


A Couple of Important Tips 

Do NOT use WD-40 for lubrication as some owners are mistakenly doing.

Per a company representative (who I’m guessing is the inventor’s son):

“Please no WD-40 on your machine. WD-40 main active ingredient is a solvent designed to cut through grease and oil.

It will draw out the oil from the bearings in the machine. The more that it is used the more the machine will squeak.

Use instead a couple of drops of sewing machine oil, silicon or graphite based lubricants and you will have much better results and greatly increase the life of the machine.”


Do not over-tighten the friction nut; make sure there’s 1/16th of an inch of slack on the bearing end of the cable.

If it’s too tight it can cause the cable to break prematurely.


What’s not so good

The included user manual doesn’t address all of a new owner’s potential issues regarding initial assembly & maintenance.


(so here’s a YouTube video I found that’s about setting up your Xiser:)


Xiser Mini Stairmaster Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: L 21″ W 14″ H 4″
  • Xiser Mini Stairmaster weight: 14 lb.
  • User max weight: 400 lb.

See reviews & current price on Amazon


mini stepper red - heydayDo icon

Best Mini Elliptical Overall

Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical

Review Summary

Recommended as the mini-elliptical of choice here.

The only under desk elliptical with Bluetooth capability to track your workouts, sync to FitBit, user groups, & more.

This is a quiet and sturdy machine appropriate for use in an office environment.

Quality control at the factory level affected a few buyers, but the company seems very eager & willing to resolve any issues quickly to the customer’s satisfaction.


Detailed product review

The Cubii Pro is another very good product.

I consider it the best mini elliptical on the market.

It’s built to be used while sitting, is very quiet during use, and its smart design features were made with the desk-bound office worker in mind.

It is also ideal for those who sit a lot at home, including seniors and others with balance issues for whom an upright elliptical might be too difficult to use.

You can use the Cubii while seated watching TV, reading, knitting, whatever.


What I like

Bluetooth enabled – The only mini elliptical that’s Bluetooth-enabled, the Cubii Pro tracks your calories, distance, stride, time, & RPMs.

You can use their app to set up or join Cubii user groups worldwide.

This Bluetooth feature also allows you to sync to FitBit and HealthKit.

Very quiet – the Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical is designed to be used in corporate & professional office environments, as well as in your home

Needs minimal floor space – Requires a very small footprint for an elliptical machine, and is fairly lightweight at 27 lb.

Certified by Mayo – *The Mayo Clinic has a standard called NEAT™ Certification, which signifies that the product accurately tracks your fitness program.

The Cubii Pro mini-elliptical is the only NEAT™ certified under desk elliptical.

Owners give high marks – The Cubii Jr also has a very high owner satisfaction rating of 88% / 4.4 stars with over 900 online reviews.

Good warranty – 1-year warranty, 30-day money back return guarantee.

Shipping free on Amazon


What’s not so good

*Some users have been sent units that had defective parts of one kind or another.

The company seems quick to replace or repair the faulty machines. Judging from their high involvement with customer issues on Amazon, Cubii’s customer support seems actively involved in problem resolution, so that’s good.

*The Cubii Pro is meant to be used only while sitting, so no good for HIIT or burst training workouts.

*The Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical costs a lot more than its competitors.

Then again, their competitors don’t have Bluetooth, are noisier, and don’t have a 1-year warranty either.

*Some people may need a higher desk in order to use the Cubii Pro for under desk exercise.

*Speaking of under-the-desk activity…if you get the Cubii Pro with the Bluetooth capability, you’ll be dealing with its USB plug down there under your desk from time to time.


Cubii Assembly Video


Cubii Pro Elliptical Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 23” x 11” x 9”
  • Cubii Pro Under Desk Elliptical weight: 27 lb.
  • User max weight: none (you must be seated while using this)

See reviews & current price on Amazon

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Best Cheap Stepper #1

Sunny Step Machine SF-1115

Review Summary

The Sunny Folding Climbing Stepper is a pretty decent, cheap portable stepper.

The majority of owners are well-satisfied with its resistance levels and stability.

The 6-month (for parts) warranty should tell you it’s not indestructible, but I was encouraged seeing several owners get 2 or 3 years of regular use from it. 


Detailed Product Review

This machine is the highest-rated portable stepper made by Sunny Health & Fitness.

And they make a bunch of them too: I’ve checked out nine different models so far.

A little about Sunny

Sunny makes a wide variety of inexpensive cardio fitness gear.

Made in China as you might expect.

I’ve tested all kinds of their products – treadmills, ellipticals, bikes…and lots & lots of stepper machines.

Their stuff is inexpensive and some of their products give you decent value, a good “bang for not too many bucks”.

Others they make…well, maybe not as much.

This is one of the decent ones.



What I like

Mostly happy owners – Several owners have reported more than 2 years of regular use without problems (that’s pretty good for a cheap stepper machine). 

This model from Sunny has the lowest amount of negative reviews (11%) among all the cheap stepper machines available online.

If there is an issue, Sunny’s customer service dept. in LA, CA is usually quick to resolve problems to your satisfaction.

Decent build – The Sunny Stepper Climber is built as well as any of the inexpensive portable steppers you can find.

Easy assembly, use, & it’s portable too – It’s easy to assemble and it’s a convenient space saver that’s slim & pretty light – making it easy to stash anywhere.

Stable – The vast majority of owner comments on the topic said their Sunny folding stepper was stable during use.

Handlebars for balance if you need them – Has handlebars for those of you who are new to a stair stepper workout or have issues with your balance. You can rely on them while you’re learning to stabilize yourself on the stepper machine.

Multiple intensity levels – It has adjustable intensity settings and can definitely give you a great leg & cardio workout.

Folds up – if you need it to. Not flat due to the angled pedals, but reduces the 27” depth by about half (to approx. 15” or so).

Shipping free on Amazon

What’s not so good

*The digital monitor has malfunctioned for a few users prematurely.

*The “hydraulic piston cylinders” as Sunny calls them can get very hot after 15 minutes or so (if you’re really trucking). Your knees will not want to bump into those things at that point…ouch.

*The same ‘hot piston’ situation will cause a loss of oil viscosity (lessening of friction) which can make the stepper lose the level of resistance you originally set it at.

*Some users reported an oily smell coming from the hydraulics during use.

*A few customers had various parts come loose or break. You will read about this with every cheap model of portable exercise equipment available. Keep your warranty info handy and give Sunny a call; they usually resolve problems quickly to the customer’s satisfaction.


Sunny Step Machine SF-1115 Tech Specs

  • Weight: 35 lb.
  • Max user weight: 220 lb.
  • Dimensions: 26” x 17” x 54”
  • Intensity is adjusted via the hydraulics
  • Easy to read digital monitor
  • Warranty: 6 months (180 days) on parts & 1 year on its structural frame

See reviews & current price on Amazon

mini stepper red - heydayDo icon

Best Cheap Stepper #2

Sunny NO. 059 Twist Stepper

Review Summary

This Sunny model is another cheap stepper machine with a majority of its reviewing owners giving it a thumbs up (over 80% of them).

This popular Twist Stepper #59 from Sunny provides decent value considering how cheap it is.

Since it’s inexpensive and the warranty is short, don’t expect it to last forever.

It’s lightweight and easy to move around in your home, and the handlebars are there to help you with your balance.


Detailed Product Review

Pretty lightweight at 22 lb., this certainly qualifies as a portable stepper. Many owners mention how easy it is to move from room to room.

Has handlebars to assist with your balance if need be, and their height is adjustable.

Adjustable – Resistance tension is adjusted via the height of step you set, similar to the other Sunny steppers featured here.

Most owners say it’s stable – Majority of commenters felt it provided stability, just a few didn’t.

It moved a teeny bit when I used it (I weigh 185-190 and was adding a little force to my steps to see ‘what’s up’), but no sliding, shaking, or wobbling.

Decent workout – It can provide a good cardio workout as any decent portable stepper should.

The “Twist” in this stepper’s name refers to the motion of the pedals. They have a slight outward arc to them as you step down.

I doubt this movement increases your caloric burn at all, but it could maybe remind/encourage someone to engage their core in the direction of its little twist.

Easy assembly – Arrives mostly assembled, just a few minor things left to put together.

Shipping free on Amazon



What’s not so good

*As you might (should?) expect from such an inexpensive portable stepper, there may be quality issues at the manufacturing factory level.

*For me, the biggest problem is the quality of the frame welding. Several owners report welds breaking within the first year of use.

When I looked at it, the frame welds resemble those found on many other cheap pieces of fitness equipment that are shipped here from China.

(The frame is covered for 1 year by Sunny’s warranty. You’ll need to contact them and probably have to send a photo or two. I suggest initiating the correspondence through your Amazon Order page where your original purchase is recorded.)

*A few of these steppers had broken parts on arrival, likely due to rough handling in transport and poor packing.


Sunny NO. 059 Twist Stepper Tech Specs:

  • Weight: 22 lb.
  • Max user weight: 250 lb.
  • Dimensions: 19” x 17” x 48”
  • Intensity is adjusted via a knob at the base of the stepper machine
  • Easy to read digital monitor
  • Warranty: 6 months (180 days) on parts & 1 year on structural frame

See reviews & current price on Amazon

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3 Best Real Cheap Mini-Steppers

Sunny  Twister Stepper NO. 045

Review Summary

Sunny Health & Fitness makes so many mini-steppers, it’s hard to keep them all straight.

The 045 model, the Adjustable Pink Twist Stepper, and model 012-S shown here are the best of Sunny’s low-budget portable steppers in my opinion.

And that opinion is shared by a few thousand owners too. 

So if you simply can’t afford to spend for a higher quality machine like the Xiser but want a mini stepper to work out on – consider the 045, 012-S, or their cute pink thing.


Sunny Adjustable Pink Twist Stepper

Sunny Mini Stepper #012



Detailed Product Review

Combined owner satisfaction rating 80% (4&5-stars, 3500+ online reviews)

If you don’t want to (or can’t) spend a few hundred bucks for a Xiser mini-stepper or Cubii mini-elliptical, consider these three Sunny models.


These three Sunny steppers are very similar to one another in many respects, including owner satisfaction.


And 80% of those 3500+ people reviewing owners for the 045, 012-S, & the Pink One gave 4&5-star reviews, and that’s pretty good for a dirt cheap piece of imported exercise equipment.

They’re the 045, the 012-S, and the Adjustable Pink.

Sunny Health & Fitness makes several different mini-steppers without handles, and I think these are the best of that bunch.


Here’s the Sunny 045 mini-stepper in action:

The pink model doesn’t have resistance bands, and the other two with resistance bands aren’t pink.

That’s the only real difference between them.


Watch out for the “lesser” Sunny mini-steppers

Be aware that Sunny makes a few other mini-steppers too, and that those other models aren’t as good.

They have lower owner satisfaction ratings and have more complaints of premature breakage & noise.

Also, those others also have far fewer owners reporting that they even last a decent amount of time.

I checked them out at my local retailers, and they aren’t made as well as the 045, 012-S & the Pink One.


What I like

Owners generally say they last – A number of people have reported getting a few years’ use out of them (though I don’t know how often or intensely they work out).

I also saw where a few owners were repeat buyers, buying a new one every few years after the old one broke down.

Nice owner ratings – I think the owner satisfaction rating (80% of verified purchase reviews are 4&5-stars) is a good sign, considering how inexpensive these Sunny steppers are.

Other low-budget portable steppers don’t match that number.


There are a ton of cheap mini-steppers out on the market, and most of them have too many unhappy owners for me to even consider dropping my money on one of them. 


Decent monitor – These Sunny portable steppers have an LCD display that tracks total count, time, calories burned, and reps. As far as accuracy goes tho’…

Resistance bands included –  The 045 & 012-S have removable resistance bands you can use to do upper body exercises with while you’re stepping.

Adjustable resistance – You can adjust the amount of resistance the mini-stepper gives you by adjusting the height of the step motion via a knob.

FitBits work with them – FitBits can track your steps just fine, but with some FitBits you may need to swing your arms to get it to read you properly.

No bad welding reports – No reports of the steel welds breaking off, which happens to other cheap portable steppers.

Shipping free on Amazon

What’s not so good

*When it comes to mini-steppers you get what you pay for, at least in terms of longevity.

*These $50 Sunny portable steppers are just not going to last as long as the $400 Xiser Mini Stairmaster, some of which are still going after a decade or more of regular use.

*Comparing Xiser’s 5-year warranty to Sunny’s 6 months for parts/1 year for frame ought to help temper your long-term expectations as well.

*Some users report the units becoming noisy after a short period of time, especially in the squeaking department.

*Used regularly, the foot pads and their “rear bumper” will likely need replacing after a year or two, depending on how hard you go at it.


Sunny Twister Stepper NO. 045 Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 18” x 19” x 9”
  • Sunny Twister Stepper No. 045 weight: 20 lb.
  • User max weight: 250 lb.
  • Warranty: 180 days for parts & 1 year for the structural frame

See Sunny Stepper 045 reviews & current price on Amazon

See Sunny Pink Stepper reviews & current price on Amazon

See Sunny Stepper 012 reviews & current price on Amazon

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Other Mini-Elliptical Machines

FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical

Another mini-elliptical designed specifically for sitting, this one feels sturdy and the pedaling motion is a smooth sliding type of move.

It might be a little long for some desks, while low pedal rotation means it’ll work under the desk for all but the pretty tall among us.

When it’s working properly, it’s quiet enough for professional office situations.


What I like:

Smooth elliptical motion – The pedaling motion is designed to mimic the smooth rotation of full-size elliptical machines.

Removable workout monitor – Comes with a digital meter to track your pedaling exercise, and this can be removed from the unit to sit up on your desk so you can check it a glance.

Quiet for offices – Most users report it is quiet enough to work in an office environment.

Hands-free tension shifter You adjust the resistance levels without having to bend down, as the FitDesk has a foot pedal to handle that.

Nice large foot pedals

Shipping free on Amazon

What’s not so good

*A few buyers were missing important screws, nuts or washers.

*There are owner reports of the FitDesk Elliptical developing squeaking noises.

*Its size is bulky & heavy enough to not be an easy thing to transport often.

*It’s long enough that it may stick out beyond the back edge of your desk.

*A few people thought it slid forward too easily, but if you have a typical office chair with wheels, you can hook one of the wheels on the massage bar. This will keep the unit stable and your chair from rocking (if that was an issue).

*90 days on parts for a fitness machine with moving parts…hmm, sounds a little short to me considering the price.


Fit Desk Under Desk Elliptical Tech Specs:

  • Dimensions: 30″ x 10″ x 20″
  • FitDesk Under Desk Elliptical weight: 31 lb.
  • User max weight: n/a (you must be seated while using this)
  • Warranty: 90 days for the parts, 1 year for structural frame

See reviews & check current price on Amazon

mini stepper red - heydayDo icon

Other Under Desk Elliptical Machines

Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider

This is an inexpensively-priced mini-elliptical machine that’s fairly compact and somewhat portable for most people.

Currently, I see that the Stamina In-Motion is roughly ⅓ the price of the Cubii Jr.

The flip side of the In-Motion’s cheaper price is that it has quality & durability issues.


What I like:

Use it sitting or standing – You can use it while standing and sitting (the other mini-ellipticals made by Cubii & FitDesk are sit-only)

Works as under desk elliptical – The range of motion of the pedaling allows it to be used satisfactorily as an under desk elliptical

Basic monitor includedMulti-function monitor tracks time, strides, & calories burned

Pedal in reverse tooThe Stamina In-Motion mini-elliptical can be pedaled either forward or in reverse

Adjustable resistanceAdjustable tension settings

Shipping free on Amazon


What’s not so good

*Multiple reports of noises developing within weeks of purchase.

*Several reports of pedal arms breaking right off at the weld.

*For the price, I think having only a 90-day warranty on the parts is a little stingy, especially considering how many reports there are of parts breaking prematurely.

*On a barely-used retail store floor model, I thought it made a little too much noise to be used in a quiet professional office setting, without someone in an adjacent cubicle noticing.

*Given its mini-elliptical size and pedal rotation pattern, I felt it was a little unstable standing and going full-bore. Adding in its durability issues makes me doubt it’ll work as a high-intensity training machine

*If you’re a senior this may be a little bulky to easily move, since there’s no handle or wheels to assist you


Stamina In-Motion Strider Tech Specs

  • Dimensions: 24” x 17” x 12”
  • Stamina In-Motion Compact Strider weight: 24 lb.
  • User max weight: 250 lb.
  • 90 days for parts, 1 year on structural frame

See reviews & check current price on Amazon

mini stepper red - heydayDo icon

Protect Your Investment

Do you need an exercise equipment mat to protect your floor from your home cardio machine & your sweat?

A good mat also keeps floor dust or carpet fibers from getting into your stepper’s moving parts and causing problems.

I wrote a buyer’s guide & article on the better equipment mats available for both carpet and hardwood floors here.

Look for the two smaller mats that are 3′ x 4′, Rubber-Cal’s & Gympak’s. They’re small enough for a stepper machine but large enough to catch your sweat.

woman's legs stepping up concrete stairs - heydayDo image

Benefits of a Mini Stepper

I’ve written a fitness guide here on heydayDo that shares several of the advantages I’ve found since buying a mini-stepper for my cardio program.

I discuss not only things from an exercise point of view, but also the ways a mini-stepper outshines other pieces of home cardio equipment from the lifestyle convenience side.

If you’re interested in reading the article, click the link or the pic below.

The Benefits of Stepper Machine Exercise

Benefits of Stepper Machine Exercise - heydayDo image


purple mini stepper icon

Get a low-impact HIIT workout

heydayDo author Greg Simon doin g HIIT on a Xiser Mini Stairmaster

Here’s me HIITin’ it up on my Xiser mini stepper

Take advantage of the benefits of HIIT

Portable steppers and mini elliptical machines are ideal to use with high intensity interval training (HIIT), also referred to as burst training, H.I.T., or high intensity interval exercise.

With HIIT, you perform up to 30-60 seconds of all-out effort, followed by an active resting period that is twice as long as your all-out section was.

Repeat this cycle for up to 12-20 minutes of total time (all-out + resting).

I’ve written a number of HIIT workout guides here on heydayDo if you’re interested, including these:

* How Long Should A HIIT Workout Be

* HIIT For Seniors

* What’s A Low-Impact HIIT Workout


Research studies have proven that HIIT training like this burns more calories and provides greater metabolic benefit than regular cardio workouts, and does it in less time.

dumbbell green - heydayDo icon

Wrapping up

I hope my stepper machine product recon & research are useful to you, and that the fitness guides are informative & helpful as well.

I wish you well on your fitness journey; let’s go.

– greg

About The Author

heydayDo author Greg Simon

Hi! I’m Greg Simon.

Fitness training & nutrition researching since 1982. Over 60 & active. Surfer. Organic food grower. Congenital heart disease survivor (so far). is my Fitness After 50 blog that’s about encouraging a healthy lifestyle as we age.

I share my fitness training experience as well as the sports science research I’ve done on the many benefits strength building, exercise, & good eating habits offer us older adults.

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