MuscleTech NitroTech Whey Gold Real User’s Review

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In this product review article I’ll be evaluating the MuscleTech NitroTech Whey Gold protein powder I bought recently.

We’ll be looking at its ingredients, macronutrient & amino acid profiles, cost, buyer ratings, & I’ll share how its Double Rich Chocolate flavor tastes.

If you’re new to MuscleTech, they are the #1 bodybuilding supplement brand in America with a number of popular product lines, NitroTech being one of them.

I’ll also be comparing NitroTech Gold Whey to a few of the other popular protein powders along the way, seeing how it measures up to the competition in terms of protein quality, price, & purity.


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Science resources included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science and medical resources, clinical studies, & nutritional data used in this article.


What’s next

I’ll share a quick overview of what NitroTech Whey Gold is & who it’s for before I get into the nutrition & other details of my review.

I also want to briefly touch on the other protein powders besides this Gold one that MuscleTech is selling under their rebranded NitroTech product line.

Their labels look similar but the ingredients (including the whey types used) in each are different, and so I think it’s good to put a name to the nutrition behind each of these NitroTech whey protein products.


Program note

Any product images are links to its product page if you want to check out current prices or buyer reviews there; it’ll open in a separate browser tab.

And keep in mind that any prices I quote today may be different when you look them up, since online supplement prices bounce around all the time these days.


MuscleTech NitroTech Whey Gold Review

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey Gold


What type of protein powder is NitroTech Whey Gold?

NitroTech Whey Gold is a high-quality protein powder supplement made using cold micro-filtration, a process that purifies the whey without damaging its natural form.

This is unlike the typical high-heat denaturing processes that many protein powders on the market have been subjected to.

Whey Gold contains 24g of a quickly-absorbed blend of whey protein concentrate, peptides, and isolate to support muscle growth and recovery, & it’s also low in fat & carbs to boot.

It provides a healthy dose of 5.5 grams of BCAAs per serving & approximately 11 grams of essential amino acids too, all in a low-calorie & inexpensive whey protein powder.


Who is Whey Gold for?

This type of protein powder profile is ideal for athletes and fitness enthusiasts looking to increase protein intake without consuming excess calories.

It’s also made for someone who is OK with drinking protein powders with artificial sweeteners, since MuscleTech doesn’t make an unflavored version of NitroTech whey.


What are the benefits of using NitroTech protein powder?

Here are a few very good things a protein powder like NitroTech offers you, thanks to the truckload of whey’s benefits:

  • support of your muscle growth and post-workout recovery,
  • improving your body composition, &
  • boosting your athletic performance.


About MuscleTech’s NitroTech line

The Whey Gold we’re looking at in this article is one of (currently) three protein powder recipes in their NitroTech line.

As I mentioned earlier, at first glance their labels look similar to each other but their ingredients are different…so I wanted to give you a head’s up on that.

MuscleTech NitroTech Protein Powder Line of Products

The one on the bottom right isn’t technically a NitroTech whey, but it sure looks like one so I added it to the mix.

Here are the names of the other three, along with a short description of how they differ from Whey Gold.

NitroTech Whey Protein – same protein blend as Whey Gold but a larger portion that also adds BCAAs, creatine monohydrate & digestive enzymes.

NitroTech Ripped – same protein blend that adds a proprietary blend of L-carnitine, green coffee extract, & rose hips.

Whey + Muscle Builder – very (very) similar to NitroTech Whey Protein.


NitroTech is the re-branded version of the MuscleTech Pro Series

This product line was rebranded a couple of years ago or so.

If you’ve been shopping for protein powders for awhile, you probably came across one of the MuscleTech Pro Series protein powders; the labels on their tubs were pretty distinctive.

Here’s one I bought before the re-brand. It was called Premium Gold 100% Whey Protein, and it’s new name is… <drumroll> …NitroTech Whey Gold:

My tub of MuscleTech Premium Gold Whey Protein - heydayDo image

NitroTech Whey Gold’s ingredients

  • Whey Protein Concentrate
  • Whey Protein Isolate
  • Whey Peptides
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Natural and Artificial Flavors
  • Soy Lecithin
  • Salt
  • Acesulfame Potassium
  • Sucralose

My notes

Whey protein concentrate is listed first, indicating that it’s the highest ingredient by weight in NitroTech’s protein blend.

The list of the ingredients up there is from their Double Rich Chocolate flavor. Other than the cocoa powder you see, all the other ingredients are the same in their other 3 flavors of Whey Gold protein.

The only sugar in this powder occurs naturally via the milk sugar lactose that’s found in the whey protein concentrate portion of the MuscleTech’s blend of concentrate, isolate, & peptides.


NitroTech Whey Gold nutrition info

Here’s a look at the Supplement Facts label you’ll find on a tub of this protein powder:

MuscleTech NitroTech Whey Gold supplement facts


MuscleTech doesn’t supply an amino acids profile on the NitroTech Whey Gold label.

But they do tell you that every serving has 5.5 grams of branched-chain amino acids in it, which is a clear sign that this a solid whey protein powder product.

I have to make an educated guess on the amount of essential amino acids in Gold Whey.

Using their closest competitors’ recipes as a guideline, it’s safe to assume there are between 11g & 12g of EAAs in every serving.


My notes on NitroTech protein

The macro profile of Whey Gold is very consistent with other popular protein powders you may be familiar with, like Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard, Myprotein, Dymatize, & others.

Here’s useful quick math I always do when going over a protein powder’s supp. facts label:

1. Calories from protein: Here we see 120 total calories. 24 grams of protein is around 100 calories. 100/120 = 83% protein in the total calories.

That’s a pretty good number. Not the best of the best but far from the worst. Typical of a whey protein concentrate-dominant product.

2. Percent of powder that’s protein vs. all the other stuff: Here we see a serving size of 33 grams, of which 24g is the protein. 24/33 = 72% of the powder is made up of protein, 28% is everything else.

72% is a decent number. Again not the purest you can find, but very much in line with all of the popular flavored protein blends that list whey protein concentrate as their #1 ingredient.

Keep in mind that the cleanest whey powders available — like AGN Roots’ Grass-Fed Whey Isolate — are unflavored and cost over twice as much as MuscleTech NitroTech whey powders do.

For example, today I see a 5 lb. tub of NitroTech Whey Gold selling for $61 on Amazon. And that 5 pounds’ worth of that AGN Roots protein would cost $117.


NitroTech Whey Gold by MuscleTech
Transform your physique and dominate your workouts with NitroTech Whey Gold.

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My notes on the other stuff

  • Very low in carbs & fat, what you want to see in a protein powder;
  • Low cholesterol, thanks to the reduced fat of the whey used;
  • 150mg of sodium is typical for this type of muscle-building protein powder, but may be a bit high if you have a health issue with sodium intake.


How to Use NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder

If you’re real familiar with drinking protein powder, you can skip ahead to Taste & Mix-ability. If you’re new to supplementing your diet with whey protein powder, this section’s for you.

Here a few seasoned tips I can pass along after decades of boosting my weightlifting results & supporting my fitness level with whey protein.


When to take NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder

Bottom line: You can drink it any time you want — or your body needs you to take in a solid protein dose throughout your entire day.

Here are a couple of sports science-supported specifics (try & say that 3 times in a row fast 😜):

The best times to take NitroTech Whey Gold are before and after workouts, as well as between meals to help increase protein intake throughout the day.

A clinical trial published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that consuming protein immediately before and after exercise can help to maximize muscle protein synthesis and improve recovery. (Aragon & Schoenfeld, 2013)


How much NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder to use

There are lots (& lots) of sports science facts that support the idea that workout warriors of all stripes need more protein than the U.S. Health Dept. recommends for adults.

Several clinical trials suggest that consuming 25-30 grams of protein per meal may be optimal for weightlifters & athletes to support muscle growth, strength gains, and recovery.


How to prepare NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder

Preparing NitroTech whey protein powder is quick and easy. Simply mix one scoop of the powder with 6-8 ounces of water or milk in a shaker bottle or blender until smooth.

For a creamier texture, you can use almond milk, coconut milk, or add a spoonful of peanut butter. NitroTech whey protein powder can also be added to smoothies, oatmeal, or yogurt for a light yet high-protein meal.

(With solid foods like oatmeal, I treat protein powder like milk & only add it to the food after I’ve blended up a batch in my shaker bottle.)

Oh, and if you’re new to “protein powder in a shaker bottle”, let me do you a solid: put the liquid in first, then add the NitroTech powder.

It usually makes completely blending the two a bit easier.


Taste and Mix-ability

For starters, I can share with you that NitroTech Whey Gold currently comes in four flavors:

  • Double Rich Chocolate
  • Strawberry Shortcake
  • French Vanilla Cream
  • Cookies & Cream

(The only one I’ve ever bought is the Double Rich Chocolate.)


So… how’s it taste?

As far as the thousands of reviews go, the majority of NitroTech Whey Gold buyers report that the flavors taste from good to great.

I did a quick fly-by on buyer reviews on the various weightlifting websites and Amazon too. And from what sample size I read, French Vanilla Cream & Double Rich Chocolate are the best-sellers of the four NitroTech Gold flavors.

Doing rough a calc on all reviews I found, French Vanilla Cream is the highest-rated, but only by a teensy bit, beating out Double Rich Chocolate 4.9⭐ to 4.8⭐.

Those are both excellent buyer ratings, with over ten thousand votes cast across the internet.

Also — NitroTech customers wrote how they appreciated the smooth and creamy texture of the protein powder, as well as the absence of a chalky aftertaste.


My 2¢:

I drink unflavored whey most of the time, for the last 5-6 years anyways.

And now all flavored protein powders taste real sweet & artificial to me, so I don’t think my opinion provides much value for you here.

That said, I liked the chocolate-y taste of their Double Rich Chocolate. And I can easily taste why it’s the most popular NitroTech flavor.

It’s no coincidence that Optimum Nutrition also sells a Double Rich Chocolate. They & MuscleTech are the heavyweights in the protein powder world.

Well, I drank O.N.’s Gold Standard Double Rich Chocolate for 15+ years and can pass along that this NitroTech Whey Gold had a thicker, creamier texture…more flavor too.


How well does NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder mix?

I didn’t come across any buyer complaints about it being tough to mix, or that it had clumps in it, regardless of the what type of liquid they used.

My own mix-ability test uses a full serving added to 8 oz. of water in a shaker bottle, and NitroTech Whey Gold passed with flyin’ colors.

Five seconds of shaking it up & it was completely blended.


NitroTech effectiveness & results

You may know this already, but in case you don’t…Ultimately, the effectiveness of NitroTech Whey Gold depends on various factors, including your fitness goals, diet, exercise routine, & your level of commitment.

That said, here are my answers to a few popular questions about our protein powder.


How does NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder help with muscle building?

NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder helps with muscle building by providing a high-quality source of protein that is quickly absorbed by the body.

Each serving contains 24 grams of whey protein, and the essential amino acids it gives you will help stimulate muscle protein synthesis and promote muscle growth & repair.

NitroTech Whey Gold also contains a blend of enzymes that help to improve protein digestion and absorption, further supporting muscle recovery and growth.


What other results come from using NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder?

Whey protein provides a number of other health benefits in addition to supporting your strength goals, muscle building, muscle repair.

It can help to improve body composition and promote weight loss, increase satiety, lower blood pressure, and improve immune function too.

(Like I said earlier, “a truckload of benefits…”)


Are there any potential side effects of using NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder?

There are no specific side effects reported as commonly occurring from anyone who drinks NitroTech Whey Gold.

The most common side effects from drinking whey protein concentrate (the main whey type in NitroTech) are generally mild and include digestive issues such as bloating, gas, and stomach cramps.

These tend to occur in a person who has some degree of lactose intolerance, and can be minimized by starting with a smaller serving size and ensuring adequate hydration.

I think someone who’s lactose intolerant should avoid whey protein concentrate entirely & opt for lactose-free protein options like I did.


NitroTech Whey Gold price & value

Note: Protein powder prices change all the time these days, so any price I quote today may be different when you check ’em out.

You can click on the pic below to check out Amazon’s current price; MuscleTech runs sales often too.

MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey Gold

How much does NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder cost?

Currently I see it selling for $61 on Amazon for a 5 lb. tub, which prices it in the same range as the other most popular whey powder from Optimum Nutrition.

Now that’s a good deal for a quality-made protein powder.

It’s sold in a 2 lb. can as well (today it’s $33 on Muscle & Strength), but as you’d expect they charge you more per lb. for the smaller size.


What is the value of NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder compared to other protein powders on the market?

NitroTech Whey Gold’s relative value is cheaper than its competitors’ most similar products, in terms of its cost per pound, cost per serving, etc.

Product-wise, the value of NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder lies in the fact that it’s a high-quality protein source that has quick absorption, low fat, & low carb content.

Unlike many other protein powders on the market, NitroTech Whey Gold is made using cold micro-filtration, a gentle process that helps to remove impurities while insuring a purer & higher-quality whey protein powder.


Customer Reviews

I counted up as many online reviews I could track down, and the final tally was well over 10,000 buyer ratings.

Combining them all, it came out that over 90% of all those people gave NitroTech Whey Gold a four or five-star rating. That is a great owner satisfaction rating for a protein powder product.


Pros and Cons

In a nutshell, here are the things I like as well as the not-so-great stuff that NitroTech Whey Gold has going for it.


Pros of using NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder

  • High-quality protein source: As just mentioned NitroTech Whey Gold is carefully made using processes that preserve the whey’s purity while removing its impurities. At a fair price.
  • Quick absorption: NitroTech’s protein blend of concentrate, isolate, & peptides provides quick absorption by the body, making it an ideal choice for athletes & fitness enthusiasts looking to support muscle growth and recovery.
  • Low fat and carb content: NitroTech Whey Gold is low in fat and carbs, making it a good option for those who want to increase protein intake without consuming excess calories.
  • Great taste: Thousands of customers’ positive reports show they think NitroTech Whey Gold has a great taste and a smooth, creamy texture.
  • Trusted brand: NitroTech’s manufacturer MuscleTech is a well-established and respected brand in the fitness industry, with a reputation for producing high-quality supplements that are backed by scientific research.


Cons of using NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder

    • It’s a protein blend made up primarily of whey protein concentrate. Whey protein concentrate has small amounts of both the milk sugar lactose & milk fat, which can cause some minor digestive issues with people who are intolerant to dairy products.
    • Whey is derived from cow’s milk, so NitroTech Whey Gold isn’t suitable for you if you’re vegan.
    • (my minor quibble) It doesn’t come in an Unflavored version & is artificially sweetened.
MuscleTech Nitro-Tech Whey Gold

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to a few of the commonly asked questions about NitroTech Whey Gold & other protein powders.

Do BCAAs slow the breakdown of muscle during intense workouts?

There is some evidence to suggest that BCAAs (branched-chain amino acids) can slow the breakdown of muscle during intense workouts, but the overall research on this topic is mixed.

Some studies have found that BCAAs can improve muscle recovery and reduce muscle soreness, while others have found no significant effects.

How can NitroTech Whey Gold help with weight loss?

NitroTech Whey Gold Protein Powder assists your weight loss journey by providing a high-quality source of protein that promotes satiety and helps to preserve muscle mass during calorie-restricted diets.

Is NitroTech Whey good for women?

This high-quality protein supplement is beneficial for both women & men; it helps to build & repair muscles after workouts.

Protein plays a crucial role in weight maintenance, and is important for women concerned with their weight & body composition.


Wrapping up my NitroTech Whey Gold review

In conclusion, NitroTech Whey Gold is an excellent protein supplement for athletes and fitness enthusiasts seeking to support muscle growth, recovery, and overall health.

With a blend of whey concentrate, isolate, & peptides, quick absorption, and low fat/carb content, it’s a trusted brand name and great-tasting option for enhancing your fitness routine.

I hope my review of Muscletech’s NitroTech Gold Whey protein powder is useful to you, and I wish you well on your fitness journey.

– greg


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