My Leanbean vs Instant Knockout Bout For The Fat Burner Crown

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Leanbean VS Instant Knockout

In today’s fat burning showdown it’s Leanbean vs Instant Knockout, two of the top weight loss supplements around, going head-to-head.

I’ll compare them across all important areas, go over each of their unique features, & share real user results too.

My goal is to provide you with enough factual info to help you decide if one of these fat burner pills is worth adding to your body transformation plans.

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Science Resources Included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science & medical resources, clinical studies, and nutritional data used in this article.


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What’s coming up

Leanbean & Instant Knockout share many similarities, but their differences are definitely worth knowing about before you buy one of these two thermogenic fitness supplements.

(In case you didn’t know, thermogenic is a term used for supplements & drugs that create heat by increasing your body’s metabolic rate.)

So listed below are the categories I’ll be using for my side-by-side comparison:

  • ingredients & the clinical research to support their claims;
  • daily doses & how to use each one;
  • real customer reviews, before & after success stories;
  • prices & value for your money spent;
  • the companies behind Leanbean & Instant Knockout.

By the way — Roar Ambition (Instant Knockout’s company) makes 2 versions of Instant Knockout, and I’m using Instant Knockout Cut for this review.


Quick list of similarities between Instant Knockout & Leanbean

Details & their differences will follow, but for now here’s what these two real popular fat-burning supplements have in common with each other.

Both Instant Knockout & Leanbean:

  • are suitable for women & men alike;
  • are vegan-friendly;
  • use glucomannan as their appetite suppressant;
  • cost about the same (Leanbean costs $5 less than Instant Knockout for a 4-month supply);
  • will not work for you unless you’re controlling your calories.


My Leanbean vs. Instant Knockout opinion & bottom line reveal

Thought I’d sneak you a peek at my conclusions about these two fat burning competitors.

I go into all of the research-backed details of my opinion a little later in the article.


Summary: Which one’s better?

* Both Instant Knockout Cut & Leanbean are proven to be effective weight loss supplements; thousands of success stories for both products attest to this.

* There is no runaway winner here in my opinion, but I favor Instant Knockout Cut.

* I like Instant Knockout more because it contains solid daily doses of three proven metabolism-boosting, calorie-burning ingredients that Leanbean doesn’t:

  • caffeine;
  • green tea extract;
  • capsaicin (cayenne), which is also a proven fat-oxidizer & appetite suppressor.

* In my book that makes Instant Knockout Cut the more powerful & more effective thermogenic, calorie-burning supplement.


Summary: Is either one worth it?

* Both Leanbean & Instant Knockout Cut are definitely worth adding to your fitness plan if you’re:

  • trying to follow a good diet, but still want to lose some unwanted weight;
  • already on a consistent workout routine, or are willing to start one when you begin taking Instant Knockout Cut or Leanbean.

* Neither Instant Knockout or Leanbean is worth it for you if you’re:

  • not willing to exercise;
  • not willing to manage your calories & follow a good diet.

Instant Knockout Cut box & bottle

About fat burners & their weight loss role

Fat burner thermogenic supplements can be a helpful addition to your weight loss program. They work by increasing your body’s metabolic rate, which helps you to burn more calories throughout the day.

Three common ingredients likely to show up in the best fat-burning pills are caffeine, green tea extract, & capsaicin — the compound that makes red peppers hot ( like jalapeños, cayenne, etc.).

The clinical research results for all those ingredients are very encouraging, but I’ll talk about that later on.

Not surprisingly, all three of these thermogenic boosters are found in Instant Knockout Cut, while Leanbean has none of them.

(Leanbean has green coffee extract in it, but it comes with virtually no caffeine, less than 10mg per day. Plus, green coffee extract lacks substantial research showing its able to help you lose weight.)


Instant Knockout & Leanbean have appetite suppressants too

Both supplements have glucomannan, a dietary fiber that is proven effective at appetite control. It is one of the key ingredients in both products and in Leanbean it is the main effective ingredient in its formula.

Instant Knockout Cut goes one better by also featuring another appetite suppressant in it, capsaicin, that fat-burning metabolism booster I just mentioned.

I’ll go over these ingredients in more detail in a bit.

Oh by the way, thought I’d mention…


Instant Knockout & Leanbean work for both women & men

* Both products can work well for both women AND men, even though Leanbean positions their product as women-only.

* The active ingredients in Instant Knockout & Leanbean don’t care what your gender is, only a marketing department does.

* As long as your body is a human body, it can respond very well to either product, provided you’re exercising & watching your calorie intake.

Here’s a female Instant Knockout Cut customer’s before & after photos:

Female Instant Knockout Cut Customer's before & after pics

Customer Reviews & Success Stories for Leanbean & Instant Knockout

I tracked down as many customer reviews & feedback I could find online, & it’s clear that both Instant Knockout and Leanbean are extremely popular among fitness enthusiasts or people who’ve committed to their weight loss journey.


2 thumbs up for weight loss, controlling appetite, …

Both of these fat-burning supplements have been praised for their effectiveness in suppressing appetite & increasing energy levels.

Many users have reported noticeable weight loss & improved body composition while using these supplements as well.

However (and I’m not trying to be a wet blanket here 😉), it’s important to remember that these supplements are not a magic solution and should be used in conjunction with healthy diet and exercise program.

Bottom line: The positive customer reviews and feedback indicate that Instant Knockout and Leanbean are trusted and reliable options for those looking to enhance their weight loss journey.


Real-life success stories & before/after photos

I found no obvious difference in terms of customer satisfaction between Instant Knockout Cut and Leanbean.

Both weight loss supplements have a lot of sincere testimonials from real people, & down below I’ll provide you links where you can check out those (plus before & after photos) for yourself if you’d like.

I did like the fact that Instant Knockout also shared customer before/after pics of customers who had just started & hadn’t lost a ton of weight yet.


The best results happened for people who controlled their diet & worked out

Some Instant Knockout buyers have made a startling body transformation, so of course those photos & videos are posted on their site for you to check out.

Those people obviously followed Instant Knockout’s advice to watch your calories & exercise consistently.

But they also showed people who haven’t lost much weight yet, and I appreciate Instant Knockout’s transparency.


Bottom line: Looking at the before/after photos for both products it was clear to me which customers used their supplements the way Leanbean & Instant Knockout told them to. And who did not.


Dissatisfied customers report

Going a step further, I also tracked down where the dissatisfied 1-star buyers of Leanbean & Instant Knockout are, & read through their reviews.

Leanbean’s dissatisfied are on Trustpilot; 39% of reviews there gave it 1-star, while unhappy Instant Knockout reviewers congregated on Amazon.

I read through through all 1-star reviews for both companies. And I didn’t come across one person who said they followed the advice that both Instant Knockout & Leanbean recommended: take our product as prescribed and complement it with a consistent workout program & a calorie-controlled diet.

In my experienced opinion, there is no way anyone who adds one of these supplements to a solid diet+fitness routine won’t lose weight & lower their body fat percentage while they’re at it.

On the flip side of that, I’m not surprised that people who don’t manage their incoming calories aren’t achieving weight loss success with Instant Knockout or Leanbean either.


Links to customer testimonials & photos

Instant Knockout Cut Testimonials start a little more than halfway down the page, then there’s another “View More Testimonials” link to before/after pics of these people as well as video testimonials. Check that link out – there are some amazing body transformation stories there.

Leanbean Testimonial Page


 Instant Knockout Cut box

Comparing price and value for your money

Bottom line: The best place to buy Instant Knockout Cut & Leanbean is on their respective websites, because you get a month free when you buy 3 months worth.

This deal (4 month supply for the price of 3) makes sense when the goal is weight loss, because healthy weight loss takes time.

So plan on committing to your weight loss journey for a few months at least, depending on how much you want to lose.

Let’s do some easy weight loss math to illustrate this.

How many pounds would you like to lose? Medical experts will all tell you that safe weight loss is in the range of 1-2 lb. per week.

That comes out to just 13-26 lb. in three months (you could lose a little more by sneaking in a 3 lb. week here & there without inviting any problems 😉).

Rounding up optimistically we can lose 15-30 lb. in 3 months if we’re doing everything right (diet, working out regularly, suppressing our appetite & boosting our metabolism with Instant Knockout or Leanbean).

If we’re getting most of it right we probably need another month. Now we’re up to 4 months’ worth of supplements.

So it’s nice that both companies will give us 4 months of pills for the price of 3.


Leanbean is cheaper than Instant Knockout by a little

This is true no matter how much you buy.

One month: Leanbean $60, Instant Knockout $65

Two months: Leanbean $120, Instant Knockout $130

Four months: Leanbean $190, Instant Knockout $195

Price per month, 4 months’ worth: Leanbean $48, Instant Knockout $49

(I’m using the prices I see today, but they may have changed by the time you read this.)


Dosage and Directions for Use

Super important: I strongly suggest you take these supplements — regardless of which one you buy — exactly as their manufacturers advise you to.

There are two big upsides to this:

  1. you’ll help maximize the potential weight loss benefit that Instant Knockout or Leanbean can provide you;
  2. you’ll avoid the negative side effects & possible health risks that come if you overdose on the powerful active ingredients each supplement has.


When & How to take Instant Knockout: daily dose instructions

Daily dosing size: 4 capsules, by taking 1 capsule at a time 4 times a day. Follow each capsule with at least 8 oz. of water.

Here are the advised time frames for your 4 doses. Take the:

  • 1st one as soon as you wake up,
  • 2nd one in between breakfast and lunch,
  • 3rd one 1 hour after your lunch,
  • 4th one 1 hour before your evening meal.

Other points to follow:

  • Make sure you take your last dose no later than 5 hours before going to bed.
  • Do not exceed four capsules per day.
  • Be consistent with your dosing: don’t skip doses & don’t double up on a dose either.


Lots of water

It’s important to drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated, especially so when taking a supplement like Instant Knockout.

It contains the appetite suppressant glucomannan in it, which expands soon after taking it. You want the glucomannan to expand in your stomach, not anywhere higher up, so chase the pills with a cup or more of water.


Take your last dose way before bedtime

Be aware that this product contains caffeine, so it’s best to avoid taking your fourth dose late in the day to prevent it from affecting your sleep.

Repeating what Instant Knockout says in their FAQs: “Make sure you take your last dose no later than 5 hours before going to bed.”


When & How to take Leanbean: daily dose instructions

Daily dosing size: 6 capsules, by taking 2 capsules at a time 3 times a day.

Leanbean also advises you to spread your doses throughout the day, taking them 30 minutes before your breakfast, lunch, & dinner meals.

Wash each two-capsule with plenty of water, Leanbean recommends no less than 8 oz.’ worth.

Leanbean has the same “expanding” appetite control ingredient that Instant Knockout does, glucomannan. That’s why you need 1-2 cups of water to send it down past your throat & esophagus right after taking it.

Other important points:

  • Be consistent with taking it;
  • Don’t exceed 6 capsules a day.


Possible side effects and how to avoid them

Both Leanbean & Instant Knockout Cut are well-tolerated when taken as prescribed by healthy individuals, so no significant negative side effects have been reported for either of these weight loss supplements as of now.

The best (& easiest) way to avoid unpleasant side effects is to simply follow the dosing instructions.

I discuss this a bit more in the Safety & Health Considerations section later on.

Instant Knockout Cut bottle


Ingredients and Formulation: Leanbean VS Instant Knockout Cut

Here are images of the Supplement Facts labels for both Instant Knockout & Leanbean, so you can check out their ingredients.

Note that on Leanbean’s, the amounts shown are per doseYou take 3 doses a day, so you need to triple the amounts shown to figure out your daily dose of each ingredient.

Instant Knockout Cut’s Supplement Facts gives you the daily doses of each ingredient, no math needed.


Leanbean Supplement Facts

Leanbean Supplement Facts


Instant Knockout Cut Supplement Facts

Instant Knockout Cut Supplement Facts


Common Instant Knockout & Leanbean Ingredients

There are three common ingredients found in both Leanbean & Instant Knockout, glucomannan being the one that really matters.


Glucomannan (konjac root)

Daily Dose: Leanbean – 3000 mg, Instant Knockout Cut – 1800 mg

Bottom line: This is the main ingredient in both Leanbean & Instant Knockout Cut in terms of quantity, and it’s easily the most important in terms of your weight loss as far as these 3 common ingredients go.


Glucomannan is a soluble dietary fiber derived from the roots of the elephant yam plant, also known as konjac.

Its role is as an appetite suppressant. It works by making you feel full before mealtime, which results in you eating less at each meal.

Glucomannan clinical research has linked it to potential health benefits such as helping you lose weight, regulating your blood sugar, & improving your cholesterol levels & digestive health.

Per the studies done on it, the suggested daily glucomannan dose is approximately 2-4 grams per day, which puts both Leanbean & Instant Knockout Cut in range.

In fact multiple studies have shown it’s effective at causing significant weight loss, as long as you meet two conditions:

  1. you take it as prescribed before your meals;
  2. you keep your diet free of excess calories.

On the flip side of that, a study published in the Journal of Obesity found that glucomannan did not cause weight loss in people who:

  1. didn’t change their eating habits after they started taking glucomannan;
  2. didn’t exercise enough.


Vitamin B6

Daily Dose: Instant Knockout 5 mg, Leanbean 1.7 mg

B6 has been shown to have several potential benefits, including supporting cognitive function, mood regulation, and cardiovascular health. (National Institutes of Health, 2021)

Not sure why either company added this. In my opinion, the science research on their claims (benefits to protein metabolism, dopamine & seratonin levels) is limited & with mixed results.

No matter. Our daily requirement for B6 is only around 1.5 mg per day, and we can get that pretty easily from a combo of foods.

B6-rich foods

  • 3 oz. chicken breast 0.5 mg;
  • 1/4 cup sunflower seeds 0.5 mg;
  • 1 medium-sized banana 0.4 mg;
  • 1 med. baked potato w/skin 0.4 mg;
  • 3 oz. canned tuna 0.4 mg;
  • 3 oz. turkey breast 0.4 mg.

(Source: US Dept. of Agriculture/Food Data Central)


Vitamin B12

Daily Dose: Instant Knockout 10 mcg, Leanbean 2.4 mcg

My educated guess is that B12 was added to both of these weight loss formulas because they’ll decrease your appetite, which means you might not eat enough vitamin B12 in your daily diet…which is definitely not a good thing.

Our adult daily requirement for B12 is 2.4 mcg, higher for older adults since our ability to absorb B12 is less efficient as we age.

Vitamin B12 deficiency is a real issue, since it can cause a few unpleasant problems for some people:

  • anemia
  • nerve damage
  • cognitive impairment

Instant Knockout has 4x the daily minimum, but so do most B12 supplements.

This “extra B12” is likely done to counteract poor absorption that can occur in otherwise healthy adults, simply because science has found that B12 supplements aren’t real effective.

Any unabsorbed B12 supplement is normally excreted in our pee, so no worries there.


Instant Knockout Cut’s unique ingredients

Instant Knockout Cut has a handful of powerful ingredients not found in Leanbean, ingredients that all work to either boost your metabolism, increase your calorie burning, or oxidize your fat.

These are:

  • caffeine
  • green tea extract
  • capsaicin

The supporting research for all of these is very good, which is why I’d choose Instant Knockout over Leanbean if I ever wanted to lose weight.


Green tea extract

Besides the glucomannan we looked at, another weight loss ally found in Instant Knockout Cut are catechins.

They’re a chemical type found in green tea among other things. The term extract means it is simply a concentrated version of green tea, minus the plant cellulose & any moisture.

The research that’s been done on green tea catechins is encouraging, and has shown that these chemicals have positive effects on weight loss by increasing your body’s energy expenditure (calorie burning) & fat oxidation.

An analysis of over a dozen green tea studies concluded that regularly consuming its catechins significantly decreased body weight and helped keep the lost weight off afterwards too.


Instant Knockout’s green tea vs. Leanbean’s green coffee

Green tea extract has a lot more research supporting its potential to help with your weight loss than the green coffee extract used in Leanbean.

The quantity and quality of research conducted thus far on green coffee extract is limited and further studies are needed to determine its potential as a weight loss aid, in my humble opinion anyway.



Caffeine has been well-researched in sports science as well as in medical clinical studies, and you’ll see it listed as caffeine anhydrous in many of the best-selling pre-workout supplement powders these days.

Instant Knockout includes it for the benefits it provides you in terms of energy & athletic performance, as well as caffeine’s ability to help with weight loss.

Caffeine has shown it can increase your resting metabolism by improving your energy balance. All that means is you’ll burn more calories during your inactive time than you would if hadn’t taken any caffeine.

The 300mg per day dose is roughly 3 cups of coffee worth of caffeine, spread over 4 doses throughout the day.

A little reminder: Since caffeine interferes with sleep, that 4th dose of the day should be taken several hours before your bedtime.


Capsaicin (via cayenne powder)

The active compounds in cayenne & other hot peppers, called capsaicin or capsaicinoids, add a few nice benefits to the Instant Knockout Cut formula too.

As an appetite suppressant – A meta-review of 8 studies on calorie intake found that taking capsaicinoids before meals reduced the calories consumed.

It’s good at calorie burning & fat breakdown – Another meta-analysis reviewed current hot pepper research and determined capsaicins “both augment energy expenditure (calorie burning) and enhance fat oxidation”.



I used to take this every day, around the time I was drinking 2+ cups of morning coffee. I took it to reduce the negative edginess lots of caffeine in a short period of time caused me.

L-theanine worked in that situation very well, so I totally get why Instant Knockout added it to their weight loss formula.

Smart move.

L-theanine, an amino acid found in green tea, has been shown to promote relaxation and improve cognitive function, making it a valuable addition to one’s daily wellness routine.

In addition to its stress-reducing benefits, l-theanine has also been found to reduce the negative side effects of caffeine consumption, such as jitters and anxiety, allowing for a more calm and focused energy boost.


Black pepper extract (piperine)

When it comes to energy metabolism, black pepper extract has been shown to have potential benefits due to its active compound, piperine, which may increase thermogenesis (leading to heat-induced calorie burning).

Piperine is an extract made from black pepper that I’m very familiar with. It is used in many supplement formulas because it has been shown to increase the bioavailability of nutrients it’s consumed with.

I also found a couple of piperine studies on slowing fat cells from forming that showed very encouraging results.


Vitamin D3

Adequate levels of vitamin D3 can benefit a few things, & the research on this vitamin is strong. Here are 3 useful ways D3 can help you:

Body Mass Index: D3 can help by reducing body fat & lowering risk of metabolic syndrome.

Cardio performance: D3 can help by improving cardiovascular function.

Bone health: D3 can strengthen your bones to reduce fracture risk.

Instant Knockout Cut box in a gym - Leanbean VS Instant Knockout image


Leanbean’s unique ingredients

Here are the three things in Leanbean that Instant Knockout doesn’t include, & I’ll provide research links to support my findings.


Green coffee extract

Leanbean doesn’t mention weight loss when describing why green coffee extract was included in their supplement, but that’s probably why it’s been included.

The chlorogenic acid found in green coffee is the compound that’s been somewhat studied to test its weight loss potential, similar to the catechins in Instant Knockout I described earlier.

When it pertains only to weight loss potential, Instant Knockout’s green tea extract has much more research behind it than Leanbean’s green coffee extract does at this point in time.


Solid results for chlorogenic acid’s ability to help you lose weight are thin, unfortunately.

There are only a small handful of legitimate research studies published that look at green coffee extract’s weight loss potential, & the quality of some of those studies has been criticized in the science community. (1)

Here’s an example.

This is the final conclusion statement of a very small chlorogenic acid coffee study that’s been used online by marketers as evidence to confirm chlorogenic acid’s weight loss potential:

“This effect, if the coffee is used for an extended time, may result in reduced body mass and body fat when compared with the use of normal instant coffee.”

Not really a slam dunk, is it?



Choline is an essential vitamin nutrient that plays a crucial role in various physiological processes, including brain function, liver function, and athletic performance.

It’s not an appetite suppressor like glucomannan, nor a metabolism booster like caffeine, nor a fat oxidizing calorie burner like green tea extract & capsaicin (cayenne).

Leanbean doesn’t say why they’ve added choline, other than to mention its role in maintaining lipid metabolism, which has to do with your cholesterol level among other things.

The daily amount included in Leanbean is 83 mg (27.5 x 3); the daily choline adequate intake recommendation is 425 mg for women, 550 mg for men.

These numbers aren’t easy for people to reach with their diet. So a little extra here is good I suppose, since weight loss supplements usually imply cutting back on food & its nutrients.


Acai berry extract

This isn’t an important ingredient as far as your weight loss goals are concerned.

Acai berry grew in popularity as a result of a very small study that tested its antioxidant levels back in 2006. It was found to be superior to other antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables in some tests, inferior in others.

Unfortunately this test was done in a petri dish, not on humans or animals. But that didn’t prevent it from becoming a really big health fad for a stretch of time.

And back in 2011 a very small (10 people) research study found acai berry reduced metabolic disease markers in overweight adults.

Bottom line: More substantial human-based research is needed to verify how effective an anti-oxidant acai berries are. Leanbean doesn’t say why they’ve added it to their formula.


Safety & Health Considerations

Repeating what I said earlier: It’s essential to follow the instructions provided by Leanbean & Instant Knockout for taking their supplements to ensure your safety & to avoid negative side effects, as well as gain the most benefits from its use.


Stick to Leanbean’s & Instant Knockout’s dosages

  • Don’t take more than the prescribed daily amount, ever;
  • Don’t “double up” on an individual dose during the day to make up for a missed dose;
  • Take only the one (Instant Knockout Cut) or two (Leanbean) pills at a time as described in their dosage instructions.

Two of the most active ingredients in Instant Knockout Cut are caffeine & glucomannan, and in Leanbean it’s their even larger dose of glucomannan.

Both of these compounds are powerful and can cause unpleasant side effects if misused.


Possible health risks with glucomannan

If not taken properly, potential health risks associated with glucomannan use could pop up. Properly means at the prescribed dose & with plenty of water.

Potential glucomannan risks include digestive issues, intestinal blockages, and interactions with certain medications.

You may want to consult with a healthcare professional before using glucomannan as a dietary supplement.


Possible health risks with caffeine

The daily serving (4 pills) of Instant Knockout Cut has 300mg of caffeine in it, roughly the equivalent of 3 cups of coffee.

That amount is spread out over the course of a day with the four doses you take (three-quarters of a cup of coffee per dose), so there should be zero to only slight side effects typical of coffee or tea drinking.

If you’re real sensitive to caffeine, consider talking with your health professional before taking Instant Knockout.

Leanbean’s caffeine amount (from its green coffee extract) is minimal, less than 10mg per day, & so it wouldn’t cause any over-caffeinated feelings at all.


Don’t stop your weight loss supplement from doing its job

Here are a couple of tips to help you get the maximum benefits from either Instant Knockout or Leanbean.

1. Make sure your diet is helping you — not hurting you — while you’re taking one of these metabolic enhancers.

To achieve the best results avoid a big caloric surplus, meaning a state where you’re drinking & eating a lot more calories per day than your body burns. Put simply, this is how we gain weight.

Lots of unwanted calories will prevent a weight loss supplement like Instant Knockout from giving you the results you’re paying it to do.

2. If you’re not on a workout program or exercising much at all, get going on one when you start up with Leanbean or Instant Knockout. You’ll greatly enhance & speed up your body transformation by doing so.

You can thank me later 😄.


Who makes Leanbean & Instant Knockout?

Here’s a look into who owns our two fat-burning brands.



Leanbean is a product line that is produced by its parent company, Ultimate Life Ltd., who are headquartered in Leeds, UK.

Interestingly, Ultimate Life Ltd. is also the parent company of one of Leanbean’s competitors, Powher.

Their contact address is:
Ultimate Life Ltd.,
Registered at 41 Park Square North,

Company No. 09846112,
VAT No. GB 298622457

Note: They’re not to be confused with the US/California-based company, The Ultimate Life, who make vegan food products.


Instant Knockout

Roar Ambition Ltd. is Instant Knockout’s parent company. They too are headquartered in Leeds, UK. (What are the odds?)

Roar Ambition has a few product lines — Fat Burners, Test Boosters (testosterone), & Nootropics. Their brand list has a few popular best-sellers:

Fat Burners

Instant Knockout

Hunter Burn

Hourglass Fit


Test Boosters

Testo Fuel

Prime Male

Hunter Test



Hunter Focus


Roar Ambition’s contact address is:

Whitehall Waterfront
Unit G4, 2 Riverside Way
Company No. 08953534


Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to few common questions about Leanbean and Instant Knockout.

What are the main differences between Leanbean and Instant Knockout?

The biggest difference between Leanbean & Instant Knockout is that Leanbean is mostly an appetite suppressant.

Instant Knockout is an appetite suppressant too, but also a calorie burner, metabolism booster, & fat oxidizer.

Are there any lifestyle changes that need to be made while taking Leanbean or Instant Knockout?

Someone who isn't working out or eating a healthy diet will need to make lifestyle changes to begin both of those important activities when starting up on Leanbean or Instant Knockout.

What is the return policy for Leanbean or Instant Knockout?

Both Leanbean & Instant Knockout offer a return policy that includes a full refund, minus shipping & handling fees.

In order to qualify, your returned product must be unopened with no damage to the packaging.

How long does it take to see results when using Leanbean or Instant Knockout?

It takes a few weeks of consistent use to see changes when using Leanbean or Instant Knockout.

Individual results vary based on your diet, workout program, starting weight, age, and overall health.


Wrapping up Leanbean vs Instant Knockout

Let me conclude with a quick summary list of the important points discussed in our Leanbean vs Instant Knockout comparison, starting with their similarities.


Instant Knockout Cut & Leanbean’s common ground

* Both supplements can be effectively taken by women & men.

* Both are vegan-friendly.

* Both use the appetite suppressant glucomannan as their main ingredient.

* Their costs are almost identical. For their 4-month bundles, Leanbean & Instant Knockout’s prices/month are $48 & $49, respectively.

* Both tell you that in order for you to maximize your results, you need to also be in control of your diet AND on a consistent fitness program.

* Both have impressive before & after photos of people who’ve achieved amazing body transformations using their supplements. In my opinion, these are the people who followed Leanbean & Instant Knockout’s advice.

* Both have dissatisfied customers who’ve stated Instant Knockout/Leanbean “didn’t do anything”. As a reminder, I read all the reviews. None of the 1-star reviewers stated that they managed their diet & had a workout program going while taking the product, as the companies advised them to.


The biggest differences between Instant Knockout Cut & Leanbean

I think there are only two things where they differ that matter.

* Instant Knockout has four active thermogenic, calorie-burning, &/or fat-oxidizing ingredients that Leanbean does not:

  • caffeine
  • green tea extract
  • capsaicin (cayenne pepper)
  • piperine (black pepper extract)

* Leanbean has 67% more of the appetite suppressant glucomannan in it vs. Instant Knockout, 3000 mg vs. 1800 mg.

* On a lesser note, Leanbean is almost caffeine-free & Instant Knockout is not.


Which supplement is right for you?

I’m certain either Instant Knockout or Leanbean can be effective for anyone who follows their advice & sticks to the plan.

Based on all the facts I’ve shared here, I like Instant Knockout a little more as I said earlier on.

And you have your own body transformation goals to consider & your own opinions about these two products too.

I’m OK with trading off some of the appetite suppressing glucomannan for all of the thermogenic & metabolic boosting ingredients Instant Knockout includes in their formula.

But if I was sensitive to caffeine or just didn’t want any in my body, I’d jump on Leanbean no problem, despite being a male.

Like I mentioned, these supplement ingredients work on all human bodies male or female; chemicals don’t care. Leanbean’s gender segregation is just a marketing angle by its parent company, & doesn’t matter to me at all.

I hope my in-depth comparison of Leanbean & Instant Knockout was useful to you, & I wish you well on your fitness journey.

– greg

Instant Knockout Cut box & bottle

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I share my fitness training experience as well as the sports science research I’ve done on the many benefits strength building, exercise, & good eating habits offer us. 

I also write review articles after product testing and evaluating home gym equipment & fitness supplements.

My hope is that you’ll find useful or encouraging information here on my website that will benefit your unique fitness journey.

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