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My Taste-Test Project To Find The Best Myprotein Flavors

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In this article I rank the best Myprotein flavors as determined by tens of thousands of customer ratings that I curated from Myprotein’s UK & US websites, Amazon, & Reddit.

I made a Top 8 list for the Myprotein Impact Whey flavors & a Top 3 ranking for their Clear Whey Isolate powders as well.

I’ll also give you my taste-tested thoughts on those two product lines.

I’m real familiar with a few of Myprotein’s whey flavors I’ve drank for awhile, and for this post I bought over a dozen sample sizes of all sorts of Impact Whey & Clear Whey Isolate flavors to try out too.

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Science resources included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science and medical resources, clinical studies, & nutritional data used in this article.


    About the Myprotein flavor reviews I used

    These Best Flavor lists are ranked after combining all of the ratings & reviews I could find, as long as they could be attached to a specific flavor.

    The tens of thousands of buyer comments and ratings I gathered came from these three places:

    • Amazon US;
    • Myprotein UK’s compilation of their own buyer ratings**;
    • Reddit “What are the best Myprotein Flavors” type of surveys & related threads.

    ** – Myprotein UK posted an article in the summer of 2022 where they listed the 10 highest-rated flavors for both their Myprotein Impact Whey flavors and Clear Whey Isolate flavors, according to analysis of their purchasing customers’ reviews.

    After we look at the combined Myprotein best flavor ranking, I’ll show you how the results turned out separately according to the customers on Myprotein’s site, Amazon’s, & by the Reddit voters on all their Myprotein flavor polls. 


    About Impact Whey & Clear Whey Isolate flavors

    Myprotein offers more flavor choices with their Impact Whey & Clear Whey Isolate powders than any other protein powder company I’ve ever come across.

    Currently the number of different flavors for those two Myprotein products alone is more than 80 when you combine their UK & US websites.

    But here’s something interesting: on the Impact Whey side of things the same 8 flavors made the Top 8 ranking lists in each of the three big surveys I used: Myprotein’s, Amazon’s, & Reddit’s.

    The exact ranking order of those 8 Myprotein flavors was different in every poll (no surprise), but it was the same 8.

    And the same two flavors were ranked either #1 or #2 in all of them too.


    A couple of nutrition facts to pass along…

    * Regardless of flavor, all versions of Impact Whey provide 19 grams of protein & very low amounts of carbs & fat.

    * Same goes for Clear Whey Isolate except that they all provide 20 grams of protein & have no fat.

    * Most of the US Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate flavors have no carbs in them either. The ones that do are from their newest Mike and Ike® flavor line and only have 2 grams of carbs per serving.

    Myprotein Impact Whey Protein Powder

    Best Myprotein Impact Whey Flavor Rankings

    We’ll start with the eight best Impact whey flavors, ranked from #1 to #8, then do the same for the top three Clear Whey Isolate flavors.

    1. Vanilla

    2. Chocolate Smooth

    These two were either #1 or #2 in all of the surveys, with Vanilla winning the polls that had the most customer ratings in them (Amazon &, and Chocolate Smooth being voted as the highest-rated flavor on Reddit.

    My 2¢ 

    I liked both of these flavors more than any of the other Impact Whey flavors I’ve had, with the Chocolate Smooth taking the top spot according to my taste buds. 

    The Vanilla actually tastes like vanilla & isn’t too sweet, and Chocolate Smooth is easily my favorite Myprotein chocolate flavor (they make several different “chocolates”).


    3. Salted Caramel

    4. Unflavored

    5. Strawberry Cream

    These three Myprotein flavors were in the next tier below those obvious favorites above, but are still very popular & well-liked by many people.

    My 2¢

    For me the favorite of this group was the Unflavored, but that’s probably because my main daily go-to protein powder is unflavored (Impact Whey Isolate)

    The other two were pleasant enough to sample, especially the Strawberry Cream. But their sweetly strong flavors aren’t something I could drink on a regular basis, though thousands of people do.

    Both flavors taste as their names suggest. That’s real good news, since a lot of artificially-flavored protein powders on the market have strange sweet tastes that don’t match their names.


    6. Cookies & Cream

    7. Chocolate Mint

    Not universally favorited enough to crack the Top 5 Myprotein flavor list.

    But Chocolate Mint and Cookies & Cream definitely had a lot more fans who loved them more than any other of Impact Whey’s remaining flavors, including #8 below.

    My 2¢

    I put the Chocolate Mint flavor in the same category as the strawberry & caramel flavors I just commented on: nice to taste test, too sweet to drink daily.

    It did remind me a little of how mint chocolate chip ice cream tastes, in a good way.

    I haven’t tried Myprotein’s Cookies & Cream flavor. 


    8. Chocolate Brownie

    This flavor was not close to #7 Chocolate Mint in terms of customer ratings, and so it sits at the bottom of this Top 8 list. 

    But at least it got more combined favorite votes than any of the leftover Impact Whey flavors not mentioned in this review.

    However, note that it also ranked 3rd in the Worst Myprotein Flavor** Reddit polls that I found & combined too. 

    (** – In case you’re interested, the unlucky winner of that “Worst” survey was Fruity Cereal.)

    My 2¢

    Chocolate Brownie is my least favorite of all the chocolate-flavored Myprotein powders that I tried: it had an artificial sweetness to it that lingered in my mouth for longer than is considered polite.

    I complained about that aftertaste in the article My Myprotein vs. Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Comparison here on heydayDo.


    The Best Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate Flavors

    These fruity juicy flavors are a nice change of pace if you’ve been drinking only milk & pea-based protein powders like I have (for decades, in my case).

    They’re a light & refreshing, easy-to-drink way to get 20 grams of protein per serving. When you try them, I bet you can’t tell you’re drinking a milk-based protein powder; I sure can’t.

    Here’s how Amazon US buyers ranked the available** Myprotein Clear Whey flavors:

    1. Tropical Dragonfruit
    2. Peach Mango
    3. Lemonade

    (available** – Amazon US only has a few of the many Clear Whey flavors that you can get on the Myprotein website. I tried 11 of them, and 4 out of my Top 5 favorites are only available on their site.)


    My 2¢

    My taste buds are aligned with the Amazon buyers: Tropical Dragonfruit is one of my faves as well. I thought it had a nice fruit punch vibe to it, but with just enough tang to balance its sweetness.

    On the US Myprotein website– and not available on Amazon, Sour Watermelon is their most popular Clear Whey flavor.

    It’s one of the flavors from their newer Mike & Ike® line (they’re listed separately from the regular Clear Whey flavors).

    Sour Watermelon is beloved enough to have sold out a couple of times since Myprotein brought it to market, but it didn’t take them too long to restock it.

    I also liked Sour Watermelon quite a bit, even a little more than Tropical Dragonfruit. Reminds me of a sour candy I used to suck on when I was a kid, forgot the name of it though.

    Those two ended up being my favorites.

    Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate

    Besides Sour Watermelon & Tropical Dragonfruit, I tried 10 other Myprotein Clear Whey Isolate flavors. Here’s my rough ranking of them taste-wise:

    1. Sour Watermelon, Tropical Dragonfruit

    3. Screamin’ Sour Cherry 

    4. Wild Caribbean Punch, Strawberry, Wild Cherry

    7. Tutti-Frutti, Very Cherry, Lemonade, Peach Mango

    11. Cranberry Apple


    How many Myprotein flavors are there?

    I share current numbers below. Just know that Myprotein makes changes to their roster of protein powder flavors pretty frequently, so the numbers are always bouncing around.

    Naturally they keep the popular ones, like those that made the most favorite flavor lists we went over.

    But they’ll add new flavors a few times a year and get rid of unpopular ones nobody likes just as often. 

    Here’s how many each of their stores is carrying, as of today anyway:

    Myprotein US

    • 17 Impact Whey Protein
    • 13 Clear Whey Isolate
    • 9 Impact Whey Isolate (using 9 Impact Whey flavors)

    30 total flavors on the US website. 

    NOTE: The third-party resellers on Amazon currently provide less than half of Myprotein’s available flavors.


    Myprotein UK

    • 50 Impact Whey Protein flavors
    • 23 Clear Whey Isolate

    73 total flavors on the UK website.


    Myprotein flavor survey summary

    * There were thousands more buyers giving their favorite Myprotein flavor opinions on Myprotein’s two websites & on Amazon compared to the amount of people voting on Reddit.

    * The same eight Impact Whey flavors all made it onto Amazon’s, Myprotein’s, & Reddit’s Best Myprotein Flavors lists, although the exact order of them was different. 

    * Myprotein & Amazon buyers both had Vanilla as their most popular Myprotein Impact Whey flavor.

    * Myprotein UK & Myprotein US sell Clear Whey Isolate flavors that are 100% completely different from each other.

    * Amazon US has only 4 out of the 13 Clear Whey Isolate flavors currently available on the Myprotein US website.


      Myprotein flavor survey notes

      The Myprotein UK site currently offers 43 (!) more flavors for their whey protein powders than Myprotein’s North American site, 33 more Impact Whey flavors & 10 more Clear Whey Isolate flavors. 

      Not surprisingly, there are a few favorite Myprotein flavors of UK buyers that aren’t available in the US or Canada.

      So my Top 8 ranked Myprotein Impact Whey flavors list only includes the highest rated flavors that are for sale in both the UK and the US, since 75% of my website’s readers live here in N. America. 

      And the top flavors of Myprotein’s Clear Whey Isolate powders I listed above were chosen using only the North American customers’ ratings. 

      As mentioned, this is because none of the 23 Clear Whey Isolate flavors sold by Myprotein UK are available from Myprotein US.


      $$ Here’s a Myprotein Money-Saving Tip

      Buy Myprotein products direct from the Myprotein website, because Myprotein is cheaper there than on Amazon…sometimes a lot cheaper.

      But why is this?

      1. Myprotein loves to run sales

      On its site, Myprotein has nice sales discounts of one kind or another going on all the time.

      They put the discount code-of-the-day right in the center of their websites’ product pages so you can’t miss it.


      2. Myprotein doesn’t use Amazon

      The Myprotein protein powders on Amazon aren’t being sold by Myprotein or even by Amazon.

      They’re sold by third-party resellers who previously bought them on Myprotein’s site — using those sales discounts I mentioned — then reselling them on Amazon at a much higher price.


      Best Myprotein flavor rankings from each survey

      Here are the individual rankings from each of the three surveys I curated from, Amazon, & Reddit.

      Amazon’s most popular Myprotein Impact Whey flavors

      1. Vanilla
      2. Chocolate Smooth
      3. Salted Caramel
      4. Unflavored
      5. Strawberry Cream
      6. Cookies & Cream
      7. Chocolate Mint
      8. Chocolate Brownie


      Best Impact Whey Flavors, per

      1. Vanilla
      2. Chocolate Smooth
      3. Cookies & Cream
      4. Natural Chocolate (n/a in N. America)
      5. Salted Caramel
      6. Unflavored
      7. White Chocolate (n/a in N. America)
      8. Strawberry Cream
      9. Chocolate Mint
      10. Chocolate Brownie


      Most Popular Clear Whey Isolate Flavors (Myprotein UK)

      As I said, none of the 23 Clear Whey Isolate flavors sold in the UK are available in North America. Here are their top 5:

      1. Orange Mango (n/a in N. America)
      2. Cranberry & Raspberry (n/a in N. America)
      3. Peach Tea (n/a in N. America)
      4. Watermelon (n/a in N. America)
      5. Pineapple (n/a in N. America)


      Best Myprotein flavors on Reddit

      The results from combining every Reddit Myprotein flavor poll on Impact Whey I could find.

      1. Chocolate Smooth
      2. Vanilla
      3. Strawberry Cream
      4. Salted Caramel
      5. Unflavored
      6. Chocolate Mint
      7. Cookies & Cream
      8. Chocolate Brownie


      Myprotein FAQ

      Here are answers to a few of the commonly-asked questions about Myprotein.

      Does Myprotein make good protein powder?

      Myprotein makes protein powder that's well above the supplement industry standard. They prioritize quality and value when making their sports nutrition products, using only certified suppliers who have passed their strict testing requirements. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility constantly tests raw materials & finished products to guarantee 100% purity.

      Is Myprotein sold in stores?

      Other than on their own website, Myprotein does not sell their products in any retail stores in the US, nor on any online retailer stores like Amazon. Myprotein products on Amazon are being resold by people who previously bought those products on Myprotein's website.

      How long do Myprotein orders in the U.S. take to arrive?

      On their website Myprotein suggests a delivery range of 5-7 working days for standard shipping for anyone in the U.S. In my buying experience with them, orders have been consistently delivered within 4-5 days, including on Saturday.



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      Wrapping Up

      Lots of Myprotein flavors to choose from, and these best flavor lists make it easy to see what the tens of thousands of Myprotein customers consider to be their favorites.

      Out of their Impact Whey flavors, I enjoy drinking their Vanilla and Chocolate Smooth & I really like a couple of the Clear Whey Isolate flavors too, no doubt.

      But I’m also glad Myprotein makes an Unflavored whey isolate, which is the one I buy the most.

      Its powder is 90% protein & they sell it at a good price on their site, which is nice since whey products have really gotten expensive over the last couple of years.

      I wish you well on your fitness journey.

      – greg

      About The Author

      heydayDo author Greg Simon

      Hi, I’m Greg Simon. Fitness training & nutrition researching since 1982. ISSN (International Society of Sports Nutrition) Pro Member. MBA, B.Sc.

      Author. Surfer. Organic food grower. Congenital heart disease survivor (so far). is my wellness blog that’s about encouraging a healthy lifestyle as we age. 

      I share my fitness training experience as well as the sports science research I’ve done on the many benefits strength building, exercise, & good eating habits offer us. 

      I also write review articles after product testing home gym equipment & fitness supplements.

      My hope is that you’ll find useful or encouraging information here on my website that will benefit your unique fitness journey.

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