My Hands-On ITX 9600 Innova Inversion Table Review

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In this Innova inversion table review article I share my detailed evaluation after product-testing the Innova ITX-9600, an inexpensive but popular and easy-to-use inversion table. 

As a long-time inversion table owner myself, I’ll go over all of the important features to be mindful of if you’re considering an inversion table for your home.

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Science resources included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science & medical resources, clinical studies, and nutritional data used in this article.


Innova: a cheap inversion table that’s best in its class

In the market for an inversion table but can’t afford the higher quality models?

For the price of one or two chiropractor co-pays, the Innova ITX9600 offers a decent quality inversion table that is as good or better than anything in its price range.

Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table

Innova ITX9600 Quick Look

*At 52 lb., it weighs less than other top inversion tables but still has a sturdy feel

*Lots & lots of happy owners

*Well-packaged with clear assembly instructions; most owners say it’s very easy to build

*The foot and head adjusters are easy to set to your center of gravity

*Several preset degree settings onboard that lock using a pin, from light inversion to nearly fully inverted


Features & Benefits of the Innova ITX9600

Arguably the least expensive inversion table worth buying, this Innova inversion table is cheap but not cheaply made.

Recognize that it’s a half to a quarter of the cost of other top-quality inversion tables, thus it’s unreasonable to think that the ITX9600 is as good as the best inversion tables.

Yet it has all of the essentials that make up a good inversion table.


Innova ITX9600 Inversion Table Pros & Cons

What I like:

Good value. The ITX9600 is the only lowest-priced inversion table that has any quality at all built into it (my opinion).

Steel & stable – A steel frame & adjustable components provide sturdy & secure inversion.

Adjustable headrest – There’s a separate adjustable headrest, versus just one long backrest. Many other models have only the height adjustment down below the backrest. The upper & lower adjusters make it easy to dial in your unique center of gravity.

1-year warranty – The materials & workmanship are backed by a 1-year warranty.

High owner satisfaction rating based on over 40,000 reviews online. 74% of users rated the Innova ITX9600 excellent, and 91% of owners gave it 4 or 5-star reviews.

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Innova Inversion Table Features

Here’s an in-depth look at the build quality, design, & features of the Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table.


The frame is steel, the name says “Heavy Duty”, and the unit doesn’t sway when in use. That’s all good: relaxation is tough if we don’t feel safe.

Yet understand that this Innova ITX9600 doesn’t have the same “built like a tank” feel of, say the Teeter FitSpine LX9, which is the rebranded version of the old Teeter EP-960 that I own.

Nor should it, since after all this Innova table is 20 lb. lighter & a few hundred bucks cheaper. But stable & sturdy it is.


Design Elements

This inversion table shares some similar ergonomic characteristics as the other popular quality models, like easy to use adjustment controls, long handlebars that are always within easy reach, and a broader frame base to promote stability.

There are a couple of more unique things they did with it to point out.

INNOVA HEALTH AND FITNESS ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion...
  • Ergonomic and Reversible Ankle Holding System (Ankle Holders can trade...
  • True Balance System for easy inverting
  • Six (6) Position Adjustable Pin System with added Patented Protective Cover...

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Ankle Holders

Innova changed the design of the ankle holders on this ITX9600 at some point within the last few years. They’re now reversible, meaning you can have either the clamping holder in front or the foam roller.

I wonder if the reversible feature was put in place because a few people found the ankle system uncomfortable. Thick socks, high top sneakers or a towel can knock the discomfort level down a peg or two though.


Separate Adjustable Headrest

There’s a separate headrest, versus just one long backrest. Both the headrest and the backrest are padded, and the headrest is adjustable too. Many other models have only the height adjustment down below the backrest.

Depending on your torso type you might want to use both upper & lower adjusters to dial in a more comfortable position for your unique center of gravity.


6 Angle Pin System

The angle adjustment is made by simply pulling the pin from one degree setting hole and inserting into the one you want. You can do this while on the inversion table.

This does away with the tether strap that users required users to dismount from the inversion table to adjust.

There are six angles to choose from, from 15 – 90 degrees. Note the pin needs to be removed to fully invert upside down. You can stash it in a hole on the underside of the angle adjuster.


What’s not so good:

*There are a few complaints about the ankle holders not being very comfortable.

They have one side as a typical ankle cup and the other a foam roller, and the holder is reversible.

It’s a cheap but doable setup on a cheap but very usable inversion table.

*Every once in a great while, a unit was shipped missing a part. Innova’s based in the US (California), and they’re easy to get ahold of, and usually quick to deal with any customer issues.


Some Innova ITX9600 Tech Specs:

Weight: 52 lb. assembled

Size: 46” x 28” x 63” (though note it expands vertically to accommodate users up to 6’ 6” in height, so plan on needing 7 feet of clearance)

Max user weight: 300 lb.

User height range: 4’ 10” – 6’ 6”

Frame type: steel


Owners’ Comments

Combing the internet for Innova ITX9600 users, I gathered over 40,000 owner reviews.

That’s a lot of user feedback.

The vast majority of those thousands of people were very positive: 74% rated the ITX9600 as excellent, and 91% gave it 4&5-star ratings.

A few of the beefs people had were with being shipped a unit that was missing parts or a manual, not a criticism of the Innova inversion table itself.

And at least Innova is based in northern California and easy to reach on the phone.

Also, some people didn’t like the comfort level provided by the ankle holders.

Now’s a good time to remember that this inversion table is the lowest priced model that’s even worth thinking about buying. 

(Ever hear the expression “you get what you pay for?”)



As I mentioned earlier, give thick socks, high top sneaks or heck, even a pair of Ugg boots a try…

To be fair however, I found that same ‘ankle discomfort’ complaint showing up a little with every inversion table I researched (over a dozen).

Actually, no one complained about the Exerpeutic 225SL with the Airsoft ankle holders; everybody seemed to love those.

And our Teeter EP-960 inversion table (now cosmetically rebooted as the Teeter FitSpine LX9) has very comfortable ankle locks as well, but as I mentioned earlier it costs a few hundred dollars more.


Anyway, here’s what a few owners had to say…

“I bought this about 4 months ago…diagnosed with herniated disc with multiple degenerative discs…4 months later I have almost zero pain in my back”

“I no longer use a chiropractor and I am no longer living in chronic pain!”

“A few years ago, I had major spine issues and surgery was being recommended. After a couple months of using the table (and a weekly chiropractic treatment) I was completely recovered. I no longer see a chiropractor. I only rely on my inversion table.”

“Right after I get off the machine my pain has gone away a hundred percent which it makes me want to cry in appreciation.”

“Absolutely no need for a chiropractor and definitely no surgery. FIVE STARS ISN’T ENOUGH IF YOU HAVE STENOSIS.”

“I have dealt with lower back pain for the last 20 years and I have tried everything…nothing has worked as well as Inversion Therapy.”


Medical research’s inversion therapy comments

*Pain was greatly reduced, lower back flexibility improved, and sick days due to back problems declined as a result of this Swedish inversion therapy study.

*Over 75% of patients registered for back surgery avoided having the surgery thanks to inversion therapy in this English medical research study.

*In this inversion therapy clinical trial,“pain was significantly improved” was the researchers’ report from after providing 36 minutes of inversion therapy per week for 8 weeks, to 47 patients with chronic low back pain.


Alternatives to the Innova ITX9600

This is the part of the show where I will usually list a couple of competitor products that are in the same price range as the item I’m reviewing.

That way the reader can compare features and see what else is out there for a similar price.

In Innova’s ITX9600 case however, other cheap inversion tables available for around a hundred bucks simply don’t cut it in my opinion.

And a few of those knockoffs actually cost a little more than this Innova.

But worse, I think they’re pieces of junk.

So instead I’ll talk about Innova’s other inversion table models, and compare them to this ITX9600.


Innova ITM4800 Therapeutic Inversion Table

Innova ITM4800 Inversion Table

Currently selling for about 30 bucks more than the ITX9600 is the Innova ITM4800.

It is built with the same structural design as the ITX9600, with one add-on.

The main additional feature is a removable heat & massage/lumbar pad.

This pad spans the width of the backrest, runs on electricity and can be adjusted for height along the main part of the table.

The rest of the table is very similar in design, with essentially most of the same parts.

A few owners (out of thousands of reviews) weren’t impressed with the massage part of the add-on pad accessory – some felt it only vibrates a little – and removed it from their inversion table.

My owner satisfaction rating for this is the same as the ITX-9600, an excellent 91% (from over 9,000 owners).

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Innova ITM5900 Inversion Therapy Table

Innova ITM5900 Inversion Table

Next up Innova’s line of inversion tables is their ITM5900. As of this writing it looks about $80 more than their bread & butter ITX9600.

Like the ITM4800 this too has a number of parts that are similar to the ITX9600, most notably the frame and adjustment hardware.

It too offers a heat & massage feature, but with a different (improved) design.

The back pad is a different design too, and is contoured in certain spots to offer a lite version of acupressure while inverting.

*The heat & massage pad runs vertically down the spine area and is also contoured to simulate acupressure. It is removable and runs on electricity via an 8-foot cord.

*There’s no real kneading motion in the massager, it felt more like a vibrator to me.

*My owner satisfaction rating is an excellent 91% (from over 12,000 reviews).

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Wrapping Up

The Innova ITX9600 inversion table has quality that belies its rock-bottom price.

While its minimalist design lacks some of the features & accessories of better-equipped models, it is a sturdy, well-made, and easy to use inversion table.

The enhanced versions of the ITX9600 we looked at (the ITM4800 & ITM5900) are built with this same design, they just have electronic heat & massage units added on.

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– greg


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