Best Heavy Bag For Your Home Review

In this review article I share my product testing opinion on a few heavy bags, a nice punching bag stand, & some hanging heavy bag hardware.

I also provide tutorial videos on how to hang a heavy bag, and share the health & fitness benefits of heavy bag workouts at home. 


This heavy bag review looks at punching bags made by Outslayer, Ringside, & Everlast, and here are the bags I did retail store recon & research on:

Outslayer Filled 100 Pound Punching Bag Boxing MMA

Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag


And the winner by a knockout is…

Simply put, Outslayer’s heavy bags are easily among the highest quality available online. 

Based in LA, CA they build professional-grade boxing products and back them 110% with an outstanding warranty & excellent customer service.


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Science resources included

As is my custom here on heydayDo, I will provide links to all of the relevant sports science & medical resources, clinical studies, and nutritional data used in this article.



Quick Peek:

Best Heavy Bag

Outslayer Filled 100 lb. Punching Bag

“Craftsmanship is top notch. As others have said, it is definitely well built and will likely outlast me.” – L

Best Heavy Bag Runner Up

Ringside 100 lb. Muay Thai Heavy Bag

“We use these at my boxing gym, and they handle non-stop pounding.” – L

Best Cheap Heavy Bag

Everlast 70 lb. Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

“Great quality and great price.” – DD



Heavy Bag Benefits Guide 

After the heavy bag reviews, I share a guide I wrote about the benefits of a heavy bag workout and included some resources for hanging a heavy bag properly. 

There are many things that can be gained both physically and mentally from having a heavy bag training program, and I share some of those in the article. 


Best Heavy Bag Reviews

Young woman doing tae kwon do heavy bag workout - heydayDo image


Outslayer Filled 100 lb. Punching Bag Boxing MMA

Outslayer Filled Heavy Bag - heydayDo image copy


What I like:

Top of the food chain – All of their bags are at the top of their class. Period.

Outstanding owner satisfaction rating of 99% – this represents over 1,500 owner reviews for all of their heavy punching bags.

10-year warranty – (that’s right, ten); no one else comes close.

Excellent build – Heavy-duty pro quality, made in the USA.

Multiple applications – Outslayer bags are ideal for boxing, martial arts, fitness.

Cloth filling – Superior filling is cloth not sand or granules, so none of that settling or hardening to deal with that sand & granules have.

Easy weight/hardness adjustment – Regarding the cloth, it’s easy to remove some if you want to soften the bag at all.

Shipping is cheap on Amazon


  • Bag length is 55″, add about a foot for the straps.
  • Diameter of the bag is 13-14″.


Conclusion: This Outslayer Punching Bag is very easy to recommend.

It’s a top notch heavy bag from a top manufacturer of professional fight gear that takes their products and their customers seriously. 

See reviews & current price on Amazon



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Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

This Ringside model is made in Pakistan, and enjoys a good owner satisfaction rating online.

It’s design is made for Muay Thai workouts, but this heavy bag can work for boxing & MMA too depending on your skill level.


Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag - heydayDo image copy


What I like:

Classic Banana bag This is a Muay Thai-style bag, so it’s longer & skinnier than traditional heavy bags. AKA “a banana bag” 

Dimensions – 13” wide by 72” long

Durability – has been praised by a few owners. One has had this Ringside model in a commercial gym for 2+ years, and it’s still in action

Softer than Outslayers – Not as hard & dense as Outslayer models, but not a soft bag either. It’s not packed tight when shipped

Shipping free on Amazon


What’s not so great:

Settling – A few users noted some settling within first few months of use. 

Note that this Ringside heavy bag is soft-filled when shipped. Over time with repeated use, striking in the same areas will cause settling to occur. More filling would need to be added if you lose too much up top or in your most-used strike zones.

Short warranty – The warranty on this bag is 1 year. The warranty on the Outslayer bags is 10 years. (mic drop)


Conclusion: The Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag is a good product, and it can be recommended for boxing & MMA too.

Very good owner satisfaction rating of 94% (4&5-star reviews).

The relatively short warranty should be noted by people who train hard & often.

See reviews & current price on Amazon



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Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag

I wanted to include a very inexpensive heavy bag that was decent; this is the Everlast model I went with.

If you’re a soft-hitting beginner this model could work for you. 


Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag - heydayDO image copy


What I like:

*One of the better cheap heavy bags online. Users compliment it for its durability.

*Rough canvas exterior makes me wonder about the ‘MMA’ part in its name though. Users report exposed skin on elbows and legs getting shredded. Maybe you’ll want to stick to boxing with it.

*Comes with chain that’s OK to get going with, but not great for the long haul. You may want to consider a hardware store upgrade.

*Shipping free on Amazon


What’s not so good:

*Very short 120-day warranty. That fact should clue any serious enthusiast to look for something of higher quality that can go the distance with your boxing/kickboxing workout routines.

*A few owners report the bag tearing after a few months of regular use.


Conclusion: If you’re a beginner looking for a heavy bag but can’t afford one of the high quality models, this low-priced Everlast 70lb MMA Heavy Bag is worth considering.

Good owner satisfaction rating of 86% (4&5-star reviews).

A few owner issues and a short warranty ought to keep this bag from being considered by serious trainees.

See reviews & current price on Amazon



Heavy Bag Stand & Heavy Bag Hardware

Hanging Heavy Bag hardware. coming down from the ceiling - heydayDo image


Outslayer Heavy Duty Punching Bag Stand  

Owner rating: 94% 4.5 stars

Buyer beware: Do not overpay for this bag stand by buying it from some unknown ripoff reseller on those Amazon “Available From These Sellers” pages.

If Outslayer’s not the one selling it, just wait until they’ve restocked it, and the price will be back to normal.


This is an outstanding stand with 350 lb. of weight capacity.

It comes with 4 unfilled sand bags you can use to weigh down & stabilize the stand.

The stand’s triangle design lets you set it up in a corner, which is a great feature if your workout space is tight.

It’s made to handle Muay Thai workouts, so it’s definitely suited for boxing drills too.


What I like:

15 year warranty – Outslayer strikes again. They obviously believe in this product’s durability.

Great triangular shape – Thoughtful design idea here. The triangle shape makes this perfect for a home setup because it allows you to place the stand deep in a corner.

High Capacity – The stand has a 350 lb. weight limit, and can handle up to a 6′ heavy bag.

Easy to assemble – Seven screws’ worth and you’re good to go.

Sand Bags: The 4 sand bags that come with it can hold around 60 lb. apiece.

Built in the US of A – Nuff said

Height: This Outslayer Muay Thai bag stand is 7′ 8″ tall.

Stand Weight: 140 lb.

See reviews & current price on Amazon



Heavy Bag Hangers

Firstlaw Fitness Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

Owner Rating – 98% 4.9 Stars


Everlast Wood Beam Heavy Bag Hanger

Owner Rating: 78% 3.8 stars

Heavy Bag Spring

(lessens the shock of heavy hits, preserves mounts, lessens vibration & joist noise as well)

Ringside Heavy Bag Spring (100 lb. capacity)

Owner Rating: 93% 4.5 stars




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How To Hang A Heavy Bag

I gathered a few tutorials to share here dealing with hanging a heavy bag. There are a couple of articles and a couple of videos, each with their own approach:





Benefits of a Heavy Bag

Young woman doing kickboxing workout on her heavy bag at home - heydayDo image


As I mentioned in my article on free-standing punching bags,

“For professional fighters and competition fighters in serious training, there is no substitute for a heavy bag routine.”


Even if we’re not as hardcore as those folks, we can still benefit from incorporating a heavy bag workout into our fitness schedule. 


Build Your Power, Coordination & Strength

The sheer mass and density of a heavy bag offer significant resistance to your punches and kicks.

This requires you to learn to generate power for your blows from the ground up.

Coordination from your legs, core, then through to your arms & hands is developed.

Strength is gained in all major muscle groups thanks to the heavy resistance provided by the bag.


Build Your Footwork & Focus

The bag is a big moving target that’s recoiling following your strikes.

This requires you to respond with agility and timing, techniques demanding your concentration.


Build Your Endurance & Stamina

High intensity workouts involving big numbers of punches will push your cardiovascular and oxygen uptake to the max.

You will reach new levels of peak endurance and staying power.


A Heavy Bag Can Take Your Best

Speaking of staying power, a high-quality hanging heavy bag will outlast other punching and kicking bags.

It can handle any fighter’s punishment for years. 



Health Benefits of a Heavy Bag Workout

Young woman unwrapping her hands after heavy bag workout at home - heydayDo image

Here are a whole bunch of reasons why getting a heavy bag is a real good idea…


Calories torched

Sports science has good things to say about the benefits you get by adding a high intensity training activity like a heavy bag workout to your lifestyle.

For instance, did you know…a 180 lb. person burns 490 calories per hour with a punching bag workout? Source: ACSM


Heavy bag workouts boost your brain

A heavy bag workout program will provide you with a couple of nice benefits for your brain too.


The workout buzz

Anybody who’s ever worked out regularly for any length of time knows the uplifted feeling during and after working out. 

There’s a calm centeredness to things, stress is chilled out for awhile, and your mood is pretty good. Everybody loves endorphins…

…plus punching a heavy bag is a great way to channel any negativity that’s dragging you down.


Feeling good about yourself

Also as you continue to work out, your self-esteem gets a boost because you’re stronger and healthier. Looking better and feeling better inside & out. 


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Boxing workouts = more self-confidence

Working out utilizing self-defense skills adds even another type of self-esteem boost: the one that gives you the confidence to take care of yourself should trouble come your way.

Fear recedes as fighting proficiency improves.


Boxing workout drills sharpens your mind

Proper technique whether in boxing or martial arts requires a focused mind.

It also demands that you are able to quickly access your knowledge base of correct techniques, move & countermove sequences, and so on. 


Here’s a solid boxing workout you can try

If you want to give a high-intensity boost to your cardio, adding HIIT to your heavy bag routine will do that for you, and then some.


It’s Sure More Fun Than a Treadmill

Getting to punch something a whole bunch without it ever punching back can be an enjoyable experience.

Plus you got a sweat going, you’re blowing off steam, and getting stronger at the same time.


Doesn’t Take a Lot of Time

With the right intensity level and routine plan, your heavy bag workout won’t take up a lot of time but will still kick your butt.


A Heavy Bag Workout Program Doesn’t Cost Much

All you need is a heavy bag, gloves, and decent workout shoes unless you already have a pair.


Final round of my heavy bag review

OK, there’s the bell.

I hope my product recon & research on heavy bags, heavy bag stands, & heavy bag hardware were helpful to you, and that the guides on heavy bag benefits & home boxing workouts were useful too.

I wish you well on your fitness journey; let’s go.

– greg

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