Here’s a couple of articles looking at home boxing equipment, from heavy bags and heavy bag stands to body opponent bags & free standing punching bags.

Included in the articles are guides on how to properly hang a heavy bag, as well as how to incorporate HIIT with boxing to get a full body cardio workout and excellent strength training workout in one.

Best All In One Gym Reviews - heydayDo - featured image

Best All In One Gym Review

In this review article I share my evaluations after product testing several popular all-in-one exercise machines in various price ranges. Owning

Man working out at home on a WaterRower machine

Best Home Rower

Exercise time spent on a rowing machine provides you with a better full-body workout than other pieces of cardio equipment, be

The Causes of Belly Fat

Medical research shows there’s no mystery here   This article is an excerpt from my guide Fitness After 50: How To

Woman squatting in Affordable Power Rack - heydayDo image

Best Power Rack Review

Affordable power racks for home gyms This article reviews several power racks with excellent owner ratings that are in the low

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Best Cheap Power Rack

Cheap home gym power rack review The best power racks, squat racks, & power cages are made of the strongest materials

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