Best Hemp Protein Powders

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Best Hemp Protein Powders

If you’re vegan or on a plant-based plan, you’ll know how difficult it is to get an adequate protein intake. Good protein sources include fish, meat, and eggs, but what can vegans eat to get enough protein?

Hemp protein powder is one of the richest protein sources for vegans. Not only is it high in protein, but it’s also full of fiber, rich in minerals, and packed with important amino acids.

Swapping your regular protein supplement for hemp protein powder can make a drastic difference to your health.

There are loads of hemp protein powders available, so it can be difficult to decide which one to go for. If you’re thinking about trying one of these products, keep reading. We’ve listed some of the best hemp protein powders for you to consider.

You’ll also find a guide all about hemp protein to help you make your choice. No matter what your nutritional requirements are, there’ll be something for you in our selection below!


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10 Best Hemp Protein Powders

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Just Hemp Foods Hemp Protein + Fiber

Just Hemp Foods Hemp Protein Powder Plus Fiber, Non-GMO...

Just Hemp’s product contains good quality hemp at an amazing value. Lower-quality powders can taste unappetizing, but this product has a nice nutty flavor. You can enjoy this one plain or blend it with other drinks if you don’t like the way it tastes.

This protein powder is packed with other nutrients too. It’s rich in iron, Vitamin B6, and zinc. One serving even contains 60% of your daily magnesium intake!

Each serving contains 11 grams of protein, but the fiber content is where this product shines.

There are 14 grams of fiber in your daily portion, which regulates blood sugar and supports your gut lining. However, the high fiber does give the powder a gritty consistency. You may need to blend the supplement into your drinks instead of mixing it straight in.


  • Natural nutty flavor
  • Rich in magnesium
  • High in fiber


  • Gritty consistency

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Max Fiber Hemp Protein Powder – Vanilla

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Max Fiber Protein...

Most hemp protein powders that only contain hemp aren’t available in other flavors, but Manitoba changes that!

Their protein powder is available in Vanilla, Chocolate, and Unsweetened. They use organic coconut sugar and natural ingredients to flavor their powders, making every option free from artificial sweeteners and flavors.

Their vanilla option contains 9 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, which is 52% of your daily fiber intake in a single serving. It also has several important minerals, including iron, magnesium, and zinc.

The brand doesn’t use artificial flavors, so the vanilla (or chocolate) may taste a bit different compared to other flavored protein powders. Nevertheless, this is a great choice for those that want to try hemp powder but aren’t a fan of its natural taste.


  • Available in three flavors
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • High in fiber


  • Doesn’t mix well

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Nutiva Organic Hemp Protein Powder Peak Protein

Nutiva Organic Cold-Pressed Raw Hemp Seed Protein...

If you prioritize health over taste, you should try Nutiva’s hemp protein. This organic protein powder contains 100% pure hemp.

There are no fillers, artificial flavors, or additives in sight. Each serving provides 15 grams of protein and important amino acids, perfect for muscle growth and recovery.

Like a lot of hemp protein powders, the texture is a little gritty, though some users didn’t mind this as they blended it into their drinks. It tastes earthy on the tongue, but the flavor is easily covered up when mixed into fruit smoothies.

However, there are just 5 grams of fiber per serving, which is much lower than other brands. This is a better product for those that want to increase their protein intake, but not their fiber.


  • High in protein
  • No additives or fillers
  • Easily digested


  • Lower in fiber
  • Gritty texture

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Lean Hemp Chocolate Protein Powder With Maca

LeanHemp Chocolate Hemp Protein Powder with Maca –...

LeannHemp’s protein powder is naturally flavored, high in protein, and high in fiber. It uses cocoa powder, maca root, and coconut sugar to give the powder its chocolate flavor. The high fiber content improves satiety, regulates blood sugar, and reduces any energy crashes throughout the day.

This protein is higher in calories and carbs compared to other brands, but this makes it a good choice for athletes or active individuals who need more energy to fuel their workouts.

Each serving contains 20 grams of protein and just 5 grams of fat, which is perfect for crushing your fitness goals.

This powder also contains 60% of your daily iron intake in just one serving, along with 110% of your recommended magnesium. You’ll also get a nice amount of Vitamin E, Vitamin B6, and zinc to support your overall health.


  • Natural chocolate flavor
  • High protein content
  • High in iron and magnesium


  • Higher in calorie and carbs compared to other brands

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Navitas Organics Hemp Powder

Navitas Organics Hemp Powder, 12 oz. Bag, 11 Servings...

Navitas promises that its hemp protein is completely pure and free from any added ingredients. You can be sure that you won’t be consuming artificial flavors, sweeteners, GMOs, or additives.

Lower quality hemp protein can taste earthy, but Navitas sources their hemp from a Canadian organic farm, ensuring that you’re consuming a high-quality product. The result is a pleasant nutty taste that goes well in several beverages.

The powder is cold-pressed to maintain its important nutrients. Other than protein, a serving also contains 60% of your daily magnesium intake and 40% of your iron.

It’s naturally high in fiber, but the consistency is fine, so it mixes into drinks well. However, there are only 11 servings in one bag, so you may go through a bag quicker compared to other brands.


  • Pure hemp product
  • Nice natural flavor
  • Natural source of iron and magnesium


  • Limited servings per package

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Bob’s Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder

Bob's Red Mill Hemp Protein Powder, 16-ounces

This offering from Bob’s Red Mill is ideal for those staying away from artificial ingredients. Completely free from extra flavors, sweeteners, or colors, this product is simply 100% hemp protein powder.

It’s a fabulous source of protein and fiber, offering 14 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber in one serving. A serving also contains 40% of your daily iron intake, which is ideal for vegetarians and vegans who may be lacking in the mineral.

Unlike other powders on the market, this option does blend well when mixed into drinks. However, as this product is 100% hemp powder, the taste may take getting used to.

Many users said that the taste went away after blending it into their smoothies, but not when mixed with less flavorful drinks.


  • 100% Hemp Protein
  • High in iron
  • Free from artificial ingredients
  • Mixes in drinks well


  • Slight grainy texture

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MRM – Veggie Protein Powder – Vanilla

MRM - Veggie Protein Powder, Protein Source for Vegans,...

MRM’s Veggie Protein Powder is another protein blend. Other than hemp, the product sources its protein from two other superfoods, chia and flax seeds.

Combined with hemp, these seeds make the powder high in protein, but easier to digest. It’s completely plant-based, and at 22 grams of protein per serving, this is ideal for vegans that want to increase their protein intake.

Other than the protein, the product contains a Fruit & Veggie blend that’s packed with antioxidants.

Sourced from berries and green vegetables, these substances will help support your immune system and health. Like a lot of plant-based protein, the texture may be gritty to some, but this isn’t a huge issue if you’re used to these products.


  • High in protein sourced from superfoods
  • Contains antioxidants


  • Uses artificial sweeteners

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Sunwarrior Protein Warrior Blend – Vanilla

If you want your hemp protein to have a higher protein content, it’s best to look for a protein powder that has a blend of hemp and other protein sources.

Sunwarrior’s blend sources its protein from hemp, pea protein, and MCT oil. It’s completely vegan, organic, and gluten-free, making this a good choice for a variety of diet plans. At 18 grams of protein in one scoop, you’ll be reaching your fitness goals in no time.

Sunwarrior’s product doesn’t use any extra sugar or artificial sweeteners. Five different flavors will please several taste buds, like berry, mocha, and natural.

The natural flavor is ideal for fruit smoothies, as it won’t mask the taste of your drink. If you’re looking for a cleaner protein powder that uses hemp in its ingredients, this blend is a great choice.


  • High in protein
  • Free from artificial sweeteners
  • Lots of flavor varieties


  • Low in fiber

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Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Max Protein Hemp Protein Powder

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Yeah! Organic Max Protein Powder,...

Here’s another option from Manitoba Harvest for those that need more protein. As the name suggests, their Max Protein Hemp Powder contains more protein than their other options. At 20 grams of protein per serving, this rivals other protein blends on the market.

It only contains two ingredients, Hemp Concentrate and Oregano Extract, which is ideal for those looking for a cleaner protein supplement.

With just 2 carbs per serving, this hemp protein powder is suitable for keto or low-carb dieters. The product is only available in its unsweetened flavor, so the herby taste may be less appealing for some people.

Users also claimed that the taste overpowered their smoothies and drinks, though some people liked the natural hemp flavor.


  • Clean supplement made from two ingredients
  • Low carb & keto
  • High in protein


  • Only comes in one flavor
  • Low in fiber

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Nature’s Way EfaGold Hemp Protein & Fiber Powder

Nature's Way Organic Hemp Powder Protein & Fiber,...

Hemp protein powder has an unusual taste that can take some getting used to, but this offering from Nature’s Way tastes amazing from the start.

Lower quality powders can taste soil-like, but the brand only uses the best hemp seeds in their product, giving it a pleasing nutty flavor. At 11g grams of protein and 13 grams of fiber, you’ll be getting half your daily fiber intake in every serving!

This hemp protein powder is unrefined, cold-milled, and free from trans-fats, but users did note that it doesn’t mix that well when added to liquids.

This isn’t a big problem if you’re blending it into a smoothie, but it may be hard to get used to if you’re mixing it with milk or water.


  • Natural tasty flavor
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • Very high in fiber


  • Doesn’t mix well

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Hemp Protein Powders


Buyers Guide

What Is Hemp Protein?

Hemp protein is a complete source of protein, as it contains nine important amino acids that aren’t made by the human body. Hemp protein is normally seen in seeds, protein bars, and protein powder.

Hemp protein powder is made from hemp seeds. These seeds come from the hemp plant, one form of the Cannabis Sativa plant. Hemp protein powder can encourage weight loss, increased athletic performance, and muscle growth.

Compared to hemp seeds, hemp protein powder is lower in fat, as the fatty oil is taken from the seeds to make the powder.

The seeds are actually nuts, which explains their nutty taste. Hemp protein powders will have this pleasing nutty flavor, though less expensive ones can taste earthy and soil-like.

Is Hemp Protein A Complete Protein?

Out of the 20 amino acids in hemp protein, 9 of these are essential, as they make up protein. Hemp is a plant-based protein that’s suitable for vegans.

Vegans can also consume protein from peas, chia seeds, and quinoa, but hemp protein powder has a higher protein content. It has an amino acid profile like soy and egg whites, which isn’t normally seen in other plant-based proteins.

Apart from lysine, hemp has high amounts of several amino acids. For example, hemp’s large amounts of arginine can lower the risk of heart disease and regulate blood pressure.

The amino acids within hemp protein powder are much higher than the amount in soy protein. These amino acids can help your body recover, grow stronger, and create important hormones.

Advantages Of Hemp Protein Powder

Hemp is very nutritious and has many health benefits.

  • Hemp protein powder contains many minerals and vitamins. Some of these include vitamin E, magnesium, zinc, iron, and copper – though there are many more!
  • Hemp has 5 times more Omega 3’s compared to salmon. These can reduce inflammation and help the body’s recovery process.
  • Hemp digests better than other plant-based proteins, like nuts, legumes, and grains.
  • Hemp is naturally high in fiber. This improves satiety, regulates blood sugar, and keeps the gut healthy.
  • Hemp protein is high in antioxidants that fight free radicals, which is important for keeping your cells healthy.
  • Hemp is rich in arginine. Arginine creates nitric oxide in the body, a substance that dilates blood vessels to decrease blood pressure, lowering the risk of heart disease.

Hemp And Marijuana

It’s important to go over the differences between hemp and marijuana. Naturally, people have concerns as hemp is a variety of the cannabis plant. Despite this, the two are very different chemically.

The 1970 Controlled Substances act viewed hemp and marijuana as one and the same thing. Hemp was illegal to grow in the US until 2018.

However, marijuana is made up of psychoactive elements responsible for the cannabis high. The THC level in hemp varies, but at a maximum, it contains 0.3% THC. This is much less than marijuana, so it won’t get you high.

Some states, like New Hampshire and Idaho, have banned hemp, even though it has amazing health benefits. Though hemp is legal in a lot of areas, research the laws in your state before you purchase hemp products.

Is Hemp Protein the Best Plant-Based Protein?

Vegans can get their protein from pea, rice, and soy, but these substances are refined and low in fiber. When they’ve been processed, they’re unlike their original form. For example, soy often needs to be chemically processed to make soy protein powder.

In contrast, hemp doesn’t need to be refined or chemically processed. Hemp protein powder retains its good fats, minerals, and protein content.

While rice and pea proteins have advantages, their amino acid content can’t compare to hemp.

They’re also free from Omega 3’s and 6’s, fatty acids that prevent heart disease. Pea protein does have a high protein content, but it needs a lot of processing to transform it into powder.

Hemp is a fantastic superfood that doesn’t need much altering to turn into powder. Vegans can still enjoy other plant-based proteins, but some of these, like lentils, are better consumed in their original state.

What To Look For In Hemp Protein Powders


In most cases, hemp protein powders are free from extra ingredients, only containing hemp protein. When you’re shopping for hemp protein powder, it’s best to choose a product that has few extra ingredients.

If you can pronounce the substances, they’re likely to be chemical-free. If you can, try to go for good quality, organic, and non-GMO products.

Taste & Flavor

Hemp protein has an earthy, nutty flavor, but some people don’t like the way it tastes. You can find hemp protein available in several flavors, like chocolate, fruit, and vanilla.

Some brands also create unflavored hemp protein. This goes well in smoothies as it won’t mask the beverage’s natural taste.

If you don’t want any flavor coming from your protein, look for an unflavored option. If you find these varieties bland, a flavored option may be better for you.

Protein & Fiber Content

Before you settle on a protein supplement, it’s important to take your fiber and protein needs into account. Hemp protein has a decent amount of fiber which can keep hunger pangs away. Each brand varies with its fiber content; some have less fiber and more protein, and vice versa.

If you need more fiber in your diet, go for options close to 100% hemp protein. If you need less fiber and more protein, go for a protein powder that’s blended with some hemp protein.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hemp Protein Show On A Drug Test?

Hemp protein contains trace amounts of THC which isn’t enough to get high or fail a drug test. The THC in hemp is contained in oil from the hemp seed.

Hemp protein powder has even lower THC levels than hemp seeds, so you don’t need to worry about your supplement causing a positive result.

Does Hemp Protein Powder Make You Gain Weight?

Gaining weight happens when you consume more energy than you burn. Hemp protein is high in fiber which can make you feel less hungry. This may make you reduce your overall calorie intake, which can actually cause weight loss.

Hemp protein doesn’t cause weight gain by itself, but if your supplement puts you into a calorie surplus, you may put weight on.

Does Hemp Protein Contain CBD?

Hemp protein doesn’t contain CBD. CBD is taken from flowers that come from the hemp plant’s leaves. Conversely, hemp protein comes from seeds from the hemp plant, as they are crushed and made into powder.

Hemp seeds have practically 0% CBD, so you don’t need to worry about consuming these cannabinoids.

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